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Kraft Paper

Benefits of Kraft Paper

  • Versatile
  • Low cost
  • Durable
  • Bulk Discounts
  • 4 sizes available

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Product name Code
Pure Kraft Paper (900mm x 220m) 22-24
Pure Kraft Paper (750mm x 220m) 22-25
Pure Kraft Paper (600mm x 220m) 22-23
Pure Kraft Paper (500mm x 220m) 22-44

Kraft paper is a high performing wrapping paper suitable for items that require a high burst strength due to their fragile and non-standard shape.

Why choose Kraft Paper?

Kraft paper has been one of the most popular packaging materials for decades and can be used for a multitude of applications. This flexible product is ideal for wrapping unusual shaped products that requite their wrapping to have high burst strength.

Use Kraft paper packaging for interleaving when sending goods in transit to prevent against scratching staining. During transit your items may shift, prevent this from happening by investing in low cost wholesale paper packaging to protect your goods.

As Kraft paper is naturally blank it’s ideal for using as part of your marketing and branding efforts. Kraft paper looks professional and can be printed on with ease; this makes it the perfect material for small businesses to customise with their logo.

Wholesale Kraft paper rolls are the perfect packaging solution thanks to its simple aesthetic look and durable construction. This can be used by multiple industries and is growing in popularity thanks the rise in e-commerce.

The Importance of Paper Packaging

Failing to invest in proper packaging materials can lead to frustrating stock loss, damage and refunds. Ferrari Packaging specialises in bulk supplies and ship our goods all over the UK to meet your packaging needs. Contact our expert team today to discuss the right wholesale packaging supplies for you.

Kraft Paper Packaging

“Kraft” is German for “strength” which is where the paper get its name. The material is manufactured using the Kraft process where wood is converted into pulp and gives the paper superior strength. Kraft pulp is darker than other wood pulps which is where it gets its signature brown colour from.

Further Benefits of Kraft paper

  • High tensile strength
  • 100% recyclable
  • Blank canvas which can be easily customised and branded
  • Ferrari Packaging offers wholesale Kraft paper rolls at low prices.

Other Types of Kraft Paper

  • Waxed Kraft is saturated with wax and creates a moisture resistant barrier, ideal to use in the engineering industry.
  • Kraft union paper is a water resistant wrapper that stops your package from becoming damaged or wet in transit.
  • Imitation Kraft paper is made using recycled fibres and is a low cost alternative to traditional Kraft paper.

Cutter Stands from Ferrari Packaging

Using Kraft paper packaging as part of your wrapping and shipping efforts is a great start, but if your company does not have a suitable place to package effectively the chances are your productivity will be reduced.

Investing in proper cutting stands is a great to manage Kraft rolls with ease. You will be able to package efficiently and reduce mess in the warehouse. Our cutter stands allow you to cut your wholesale Kraft paper to the perfect size, avoiding waste and improving your bottom line.

Benefits of a Cutter Stand

  • Avoid wasted materials.
  • Keeps the area tidy.
  • Increases uniformity of packaging.
  • Organises paper, bulk bubble wrap and foam rolls.
  • Suitable for all warehousing and shipping departments.
  • Easily transported throughout the warehouse.
  • Increases productivity



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