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Labels & Paper

Labels & Paper

Traditional packaging is seen to be items like cardboard boxes and bubble wrap, however, there are other considerations business owners must make as part of their packaging strategy.  Ferrari Packaging stock a wide selection of copier paper and adhesive labels for use when shipping, transporting and exporting products.

Packaging is used at every stage of the supply chain, its used to protect products from their journey from manufacture right through to people’s homes. Throughout the supply chain, it’s likely your item will be handled multiple times by different people. Investing in clear packaging labels communicates what is inside the packaging without words or the need to be face to face with the handler.

Hazard Warning Labels

Packaging your products using traditional methods will protect your goods so far, but often the goods inside can be dangerous and those handling them need warning of this. Hazard warning labels help identify  hazardous chemicals and let those in the supply chain the items must be handled with care.

Use these labels on fibreboard boxes, plywood cases, metal drums, jerricans, wrapped pallets & more.

 When handling chemicals, there are regulations in place; each of our adhesive  labels fully comply with the ADR, RID, ADN, IMDG, IMO & IATA regulations for the transportation of dangerous goods.

Labels available from Ferrari Packaging

  • Black and White 9 Warning Labels
  • Cargo Aircraft Only Warning Labels
  • Corrosive 8 Hazard Warning Labels
  • Flammable Gas Warning Labels
  • Flammable Solid Warning Labels
  • Non Flammable Gas Hazard Labels
  • Toxic Gas Warning Labels

Self Adhesive Parcel Labels

There’s nothing worse than receiving an item in the post and hearing the tell-tale rattle of broken goods. Including parcel labels to your items will add another dimension of protection to your goods and communicate with those shipping it that it must be handled a certain way.

Warning labels

  • This Way Up
  • Glass With Care
  • Fragile Labels.

If you require to print your own labels, we stock a range of self adhesive A4 labels which come with a number of different labels per sheet.

A4 Labels

We offer a range of wholesale adhesive labels you can suit as part of your packaging supplies strategy. These are compatible with inkjet and LaserJet printers, photocopiers and handwriting. 

If you require to print your own labels, order our wholesale self-adhesive A4 labels which come with a number of different labels per sheet. These are available with a variety of labels per sheet and come in packs of 500 sheets.

  • 1 Up A4 Label Sheets
  • 16 Up A4 Label Sheets
  • 2 Up A4 Label Sheets
  • 21 Up A4 Label Sheets
  • 4 Up A4 Label Sheets
  • 8 Up A4 Label Sheets

Copier Paper

Ferrari Packaging offers standard A4 copier paper which is ideal for companies who print in high volume. This paper is suitable for mono copiers, inkjet & laser printers and plain paper fax machines. Use this paper as part of your packaging strategy to add extra information about your goods throughout the supply chain.

Contact Ferrari Packaging to discuss your packaging needs, we delivery throughout Glasgow and the whole of the UK.


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