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Loosefill Packing Chips

100% biodegradable and environmentally friendly, loosefill packing chips are designed settle immediately when placed in the box and will mould around the products to offer superior product protection.

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Biodegradable Loosefill Packing Chips (15 cubic ft) 12-06

Benefits of Biodegradable Loose Fill Chips

  • Made from plant starch material and can be disposed of simply in normal domestic waste.
  • Eco-friendly solution to polystyrene packaging materials
  • Fills gaps around products
  • Durable and easy to handle
  • Interlocking shapes settle around your goods
  • Offer high compressive strength
  • Light weight, reducing shipping fees
  • Cost effective and can be bought in bulk
  • Acts as insulator and void filler

Why use Protective Packaging?

Ferrari Packaging provides wholesale packaging solutions throughout the UK and offer biodegradable loose fill chips to protect your goods.

These products are designed with your packaging needs in mind and work to protect against time-consuming and costly damage.

This damage can be caused by:

  • Thermal changes during transit or storage; packaging not only acts as cushioning but insulates your goods too.
  • Moisture or humidity can damage your goods, use loose fill chips to act as a layer of protection from the elements.
  • UV and weather conditions throughout long-term storage
  • Shock and vibration during transit, it’s important to invest in specialist materials that will reduce the risk of preventable damage.

Here at Ferrari Packaging we can assist you in choosing the correct protective packaging for you needs, contact us today  to discuss the environmental conditions your items will face and our staff with over 60 years combined experience will be glad to offer their expert advice.


Why use Biodegradable Loose Fill Chips?

Until recently it was traditional to use Styrofoam as a packaging product, and this material was seen in food packaging such as food containers and coffee cups. This is due to its superior thermal protection.

However, it’s not known that material is extremely bad for the environment and leaches toxins into the earth when left in landfills. When left in landfills the product will not break down, but has long been known for chipping into smaller pieces and harming wildlife. What’s more, to produce Styrofoam petroleum is used which causes a great amount of carbon dioxide to pour into the atmosphere. Certain states in America have banned the product entirely in a bid to restore their carbon footprint.

Biodegradable Protective Packaging

Thankfully today there are alternatives available like our extremely popular biodegradable protective packaging products.

Our loose fill chips are made from Plant Starch Materials (PSM) which is a completely environmental friendly material. This is extremely important for businesses today as the environmental impact of companies is becoming more important to consumers each year. In fact, 9 out of 10 millennials would switch brands to one with a “cause”.

These chips are just like damaging polystyrene balls and Styrofoam but without the negative associations. It’s the ideal solution for any company who needs cushioning products. Your goods will be protected during transit and storage and once the material is no longer used it can be thrown out with domestic waste without worry about leaching toxins into the air.

Ferrari Packaging is committed to bringing materials to our customers that have low environmental impact, we also stock  double wall cardboard boxes and Airpack’s inflatable bottle packaging which are both 100% recyclable.



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