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Mail Lite® D1 Padded Postal Bags (100/box)

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Mail Lite® D1 Padded Postal Bags (100/box)

Mail Lite® padded bags provide an easy, practical and economical solution to shipping a number of applications. The padded bags are tough, reusable and recyclable and have a smooth inner lining for easy product insertion and a convenient tear tape for simple, clean opening.

Available in 10 sizes.

Benefits of Padded Postal Bags

  • Protects goods in transit
  • Recyclable
  • Easy opening
  • Ultra-durable

Wholesale Postal Packaging

When you are delivering your goods it’s important that they are protected against any eventualities that may befall them. By investing in the highest quality wholesale packaging solutions on the market you can rest assured that your goods will arrive without damage.

E-commerce is responsible for 15.6% of all consumer spend in 2016, compared to just 3% in 2006. Thanks to this growth there has been a demand for quality bulk bubble mailers, padded postal bags, and wholesale postal tubes. With such a vast selection there’s no better place to purchase all your e-commerce packaging materials. We’re committed to providing our customers with the best protective materials all your goods, what’s more we offer great bulk discounts to save you money.


Mail Lite® Protects your Items

Mail Lite® padded bags are the perfect solution to your packaging needs, they are highly durable but have a smooth inner lining which allows items to be inserted with ease. Each envelope comes with an easy-to-use tape opening. What’s more, these tough envelopes come in 10 different sizes to always ensure you can purchase the right size for your items.

These durable envelopes are so tough they can even protect items such as tools without the envelope bursting. This would not be the case with traditional envelopes which are easily damaged due to their weaker structure. These are one of the toughest mailing bags on the market and are offered by Ferrari Packaging at low cost prices.

Mail Lite envelopes are made of 100% Kraft paper and are completely recyclable. This is great for companies who are looking to reduce their carbon footprint. Today consumers are more interested than ever in opting for sustainable products, if you own an e-commerce company who ships products, this is a great option for improving customer satisfaction. These wholesale mailers don’t only save you money, but the planet too!

Protect your Goods in Transit

Each Mail Lite mailer is designed to withstand the shock and vibrations that are associated with shipping your goods. Each envelope comes with extra protection on their edges, where envelopes are typically weaker. This adds another dimension of protection to give you further peace of mind.

Mail Lite durable envelopes have a self-sealing strip which is easy and convenient to use, this will increase your packaging productivity and allow you to be more efficient. Once the goods arrive at their destination the user simply uses the tear strip to open the envelope quickly and hassle-free.

Mail Lite D1

Mail Lite padded bags are so strong thanks to the air trapped in the macerated Kraft paper. This creates a cushioning envelope durable to withstand the weight of heavy products such as tools and oily components. We also stock wholesale Kraft paper rolls for packages that only need lightweight protection.

Mail Lite padded envelopes will have any shock absorbed during transit meaning no harm will come to the goods inside, these puncture-resistant envelopes have become more lightweight as technology has increased over the years which has led to reduced shipping costs.




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