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Polythene mailing bags available for wholesale.

Polythene Products For Mailing

Polythene Products For Mailing

Ferrari Packaging stock a selection of polythene products for mailing including polythene mailer bags and document enclosed envelopes.

If you want to keep your postage weight low, we recommend our poly mailer bags and document enclosed envelopes as they are incredibly light and will not make any difference on the weight of your package.


Polythene mailer bags

Polythene mailer bags are made from strong, lightweight and waterproof polythene to ensure product production for a number of items including soft goods, textiles or boxed products being sent through the postal system. Our range of polythene mailing bags come in a number of sizes and pack quantities, all coming with a permanent self-seal strip.

If you have important documents you need to send in the mail, it makes most sense to invest in our very affordable mailing bags. Polythene mailer bags are waterproof, which will keep your documents from getting wet during transit, a typical paper envelope would ruin your documents if it were to get wet. Our poly mailers are very tough and designed to stop any rips, punctures or tears to your document. With the UK having ever changing weather conditions throughout the year, you can be assured that your products or documents are kept safe and out of harm’s way from dirt, dust and water.

Compared to the standard mailing envelopes, polythene mailer bags are much stronger in comparison and are lighter too. It’s essential that your documents and products are kept safe during transit and that is why our range of mailing bags do not burst when overfilled.

An addition to our polythene mailer bags is the self-seal adhesive strip. This operates as a fast way to seal your products, as well as functioning as a tamper proof system, as the poly mail bag becomes distressed when it is opened and resealed.

We offer our polythene mail bags in a range of sizes, from 242mm x 346mm up to 711mm x 589mm poly bags. Our mailer bags come in a Blue Opaque colour.


Document enclosed envelopes

Protect your invoices in transit with our document enclosed wallets. You can attach our envelopes directly onto your packaged items such as envelopes, mailing bags, corrugate boxes and pallets. These envelopes give a consistent, professional look for keeping paperwork such as invoices and delivery notes secure while mailing and shipping items.

Our document enclosed wallets feature a very strong adhesive backing which ensures a long lasting hold onto your packaged product. The material is strong enough to keep your enclosed documents safe during transit and the clear material allows the documents to be read without opening if desired.

A “Documents Enclosed” label is attached at the of every document wallet to clearly show the recipient that the package contains documents that is considered important.

We offer our document enclosed wallets in a range of sizes from A4 to A7, so we can cater for all sizes of documents. Our Document Enclosed Wallets are all clear so you can see the documents inside without having to open the wallet.

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