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Mini Stretch Handy Wrap

Benefits of Mini Handy Stretch Wrap

  • Prevents damage from rain, dust and humidity.
  • Discourages thieves as items are thickly wrapped and difficult to tamper with
  • Versatile tool to wrap a plethora of applications.
  • Residue free.
  • Ideal for low-level application wrapping.

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Product name Code
Mini Stretch Handy Wrap (125mm x 200m) 23-19


Why use hand stretch wrap?

These mini handy rolls of stretch wrap are ideal for bundling lightweight loads which do not need the same ultra-strong packaging as heavier items.

The material is strong, yet lightweight and compacts your items perfectly for all your commercial wrapping needs.

Mini stretch wrap offers the benefits of adhesive tape, string and strapping all in one simple handheld system.

Hand stretch wrap is maneuvered easily and is perfect for bundling loads which have unusual shaped and corners.

Use a handy wrap dispenser when applying the product, this is easy to hold and allows for fast application.

The mini stretch handy wrap is a cast film that is strong and versatile. Mini stretch film is great for securing small bundles, protecting parts of products, securing edge guard protection and wrapping difficult shapes. The cast film sticks only to itself and leaves no sticky residue

What is Stretch Film?

Stretch film is a plastic film used to protect pallets and packages, it’s made from made from Linear low-density polyethylene (LLDPE). It’s most commonly used to hold products together when in storage or transit. Mini stretch wrap is used when bundling smaller applications, we stock wholesale stretch wrap which is easily applied by hand.

Types of Stretch Wrap

There are two types of stretch film, both offer similar properties with a few variants. It’s important you consider what type of product you’re wrapping before purchasing stretch wrap as the wrong material could result in stock loss and costly damages.


Blown stretch wrap is factory-made by melting plastic which is then cooled via blown air. This process causes the stretch film to be extremely hard-wearing when compared to cast film. Blown film is known to unwind loudly but is a more robust choice for securing loads.

  • Use blown film when packaging items with sharp corners.
  • Blown film has a high degree of memory when securing loads.


Cast film is created by melting plastic which is them cooled on a chill roll where it hardens. Cast film has high tear resistance, unwinds quietly and clings to itself better than blown film. Cast film is ideal to use if you need to see the product once it’s wrapped thanks to its superior clarity.

  • Cast film clings on both sides.
  • Cast film is a clearer product.

Other Types of Hand Stretch Wrap

At Ferrari Packaging we pride ourselves on being experts in the wholesale packaging industry, we offer different types of packaging to suit your varying needs. With over 60 combined years’ in the industry, our specialist staff can advise you on the products that are right for you.

Sanstrap bands

Sanstrap bands are a quick and efficient way to stabilize loads. They are made from 100% recyclable materials and offer enormous elastic strength without the typical cling of traditional stretch wrap.

Hand Blown Stretch Film

Hand blown stretch wrap offer a quick and efficient way to wrap loads. Black stretch wrap is ideal for protecting loads from UV rays and as an added level of security. Clear is used when the items need to be visible once wrapped.


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