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News Print Paper

News print offcuts are made from unprinted white newsprint paper and can be used for many wrapping applications as well as a void fill paper.

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News Print Off Cuts (500 x 750mm) 22-49

News Print Paper

Ferrari Packaging are committed to bringing wholesale, low cost packaging supplies to the UK without ever compromising on quality. We pride ourselves on stocking only the most durable products, perfect for your packaging needs.

We specialise in packaging papers and offer many varieties to suit your needs, whether that is corrugated paper, cross weave lining material, news print paper, wholesale Kraft paper rolls and acid-free tissue paper. Many of our items are available for next day delivery so you can improve your packaging strategy almost immediately.

Packaging paper has been used for years as a protective product and today is no different, contact our highly trained staff to discuss your protective needs.

News Print Paper

News print offcuts are made from unprinted white newsprint paper and can be used for many wrapping applications as well as a void fill paper. Most of this paper is produced from "cull" rolls that cannot be run through high-speed newspaper printing presses.

  • This product is ideal when moving house and is used by the removals industry especially Ferrari also stock house moving kits to further assist you. Its cleanliness makes it highly suitable for wrapping products such as glassware, mirrors etc.
  • Newsprint paper is especially handy when packaging fragile items that are unusual shapes such as ornaments and bowls thanks to its ability to mould to different shapes with ease.
  • Use newspaper print as interleaving when protecting delicate items in storage or transit, this will prevent scratching and abrasions.
  • This product can also be used when packaging fragile items for e-commerce packaging.
  • Popular material for artists who are looking for a lightweight paper to sketch on.
  • Economical void fill to cushion against vibrations in transit
  • Acts as an insulator for goods being kept in storage

Protective Paper Packaging

Here at Ferrari Packaging we know important the safety of your goods is which is why we recommend using more than one level of protective packaging. Before packaging any product consider what journey it’s going to undertake and what conditions it may face, this will help you determine the correct packaging to purpose.

Throughout history, the cardboard box has been used as the go-to packaging material, and this should always be accompanied by either packaging paper or bubble wrap, ensuring the box is secured with industrial packaging tape that won’t lose its adhesion.

By properly filling the voids in boxes that are being shipped you will reduce the risk of costly, frustrating and possibly preventable damage happening to your items. This extra layer of protection will further limit vibrations during transit and act as an insulator, perfect for items that are being kept in storage or are being shipped over long periods of time where climatic changes may occur.

Paper based packaging is a great solution for those companies wanting to reduce their carbon footprint as these products are fully recyclable. Today consumers are looking for this more than ever which is why it’s important to invest in sustainable goods. Contact us today to discuss your packaging needs.



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