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Packing Stations

A range of professional packing stations for busy warehouses and shipping departments.

The packing stations help to speed up the packing process while saving space in the warehouse and keeps all your packaging materials close by. 

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Product name Code
900mm Paper Roll Dispenser 1-PRD4
750mm Paper Roll Dispenser 1-PRD3
600mm Paper Roll Dispenser 1-PRD2
500mm Paper Roll Dispenser 1-PRD1
1600 x 800mm Packing Station 1-PS1

Pack stations are a great addition to any industrial work place. At Ferrari Packaging we supply Packing Stations that create a highly functional packing area, which is essential in a warehouse or workspace.

At Ferrari Packaging we have designed a pack station which will enable your employees to complete their tasks quicker and more efficiently. A packing station is the perfect place to bring versatility together in the work place.

What is The Purpose of the Packing Station?

A packing station is compiled with several tools which will enable your employees to work much faster and more efficiently. A pack station will come complete with parts you will need to make your packing and shipping area work in an orderly fashion.

The purpose of the packing station is to save time! By having all of the little things together it makes the bigger job as a whole much easier and you will not need to search all over the warehouse to find the tape or a pair of scissors! Therefore, by keep everything in the one tidy spot, your employees will be more organised.

Does My Business Need a Packing Station?

Each packing kit comes as individual pieces, which means each item can be separated to fit a wide variety of work spaces and can be taken with you even if you move.

Ferrari Packing stations are great in multiple locations, including workshops, stock rooms, or gift wrapping areas.

If you are an organisation who packages and ships their goods will know how important it is to ensure packaging is completed in a professional manner. For this to be possible it is essential that your business is the owner of an organised and well-built work space.

Packing stations are great for ecommerce sellers who need to ship goods often. Are you just starting up your business and will be wrapping or packing boxes regularly? The great thing about use a Ferrari Packaging Packing station is that it is suitable for any time of business, big or small.

Packaging Supplies For Business

Now that you have ordered your new Packing Station have a look at investing in new, stronger packing materials. At Ferrari Packaging we supply packaging supplies to a variety of industrial and ecommerce businesses.

Having quality, sustainable packaging should be one of the first things you should consider if your business is transporting or shipping goods. Not only is it recommended that your business invest in the right packaging supplies but choose a packaging supplies company that will enhance the reputation and credibility of your business. 

Are you looking to buy a Packing Station from Ferrari Packaging and would like our advice before purchasing? With years of experience in the packaging industry we would be more than happy to help you decide which packing solution is best for your business. Call us today for more information.

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