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Packing Stations

Packing Stations

Packing Stations

Searching for the best products to keep your workplace tidy? Is packaging getting messier and you are looking for a clean workspace to conduct your packaging more quickly and easily? Packing stations may be the solution you need.

Our top of the range hand packing stations provide businesses with the efficiency they need to save time and money on packaging. Increase your productivity with a warehouse packing station and see how your business can flourish. With a strong packing stations workbench and a holder for your packing paper rolls, what else do you need?

What is a Cutter Stand?

A cutter stand is a quick and convenient way to manage all of your packaging needs. It keeps your warehouse tidy and reduces the amount of wasted material. This not only makes your packaging more efficient but also helps reduce excess costs.

Cutter stands allow the operator to use an exacting amount of packaging material, whether this is wholesale kraft paper rolls, fiberglass or bulk bubble wrap. Cutter stands from Ferrari Packaging allow you to organise your packaging strategy into one streamlined area all in a safe and controlled manner.

Benefits of Cutter Stands

  • Reduces environmental impact by decreasing waste materials
  • Provides a safe environment to cut packaging materials
  • Improves efficiency of staff
  • Saves money by reducing use of excess packaging
  • Ensures aesthetically pleasing, cohesive packaging

Cutter stands are ideal to be used in many industries, including construction zones and industrial warehouses. What’s more, our cutter stands can be transported to wherever it needs to be as your company grows or your specifications change.

Pack Stations

A pack station is a great way to streamline your warehouse, once you’ve begun packaging in this manner you’ll wonder how your company ever managed without one. Pack stations add function and improve the efficiency of your packaging strategy. We offer four different roll dispenser sizes to suit your company’s individual needs.

Each packing kit we sell comes as individual pieces, which means the station can be broken down and  separated to fit a wide variety of work spaces and easily transported if your work location moves.

Ferrari Packing stations are great in multiple locations, including workshops, stock rooms, or gift wrapping areas. These make wonderful additions to companies in the e-commerce industry who reply on their packaging to drive customer satisfaction.

Benefits of pack stations

  • Streamline your packaging strategy.
  • Improve efficiency.
  • Ideal for companies who package items on a large scale.
  • Ensures professional looking wrapping.
  • Keeps all your accessories close by.

Ferrari Packaging Wholesale Suppliers

By investing in high-quality packaging materials you position your brand as professional and trustworthy. Your items will be suitably protected during storage and shipping which all goes towards enhancing the credibility of your company.

Here at Ferrari Packaging we ship our items throughout the UK and bring economical solutions for your industrial packaging needs. We have over 60 years of combined knowledge and love to hear from our customers. Contact us today to discuss your packaging needs.



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