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Packing Tapes

Packing Tapes

Packing Tapes


Why invest in packaging tape?

Packaging your goods correctly is one of the best ways to ensure the security of what’s inside, many warehouses focus on the boxes the goods are stored in, but if these are sealed with domestic quality tape then the product inside is vulnerable to the elements thanks to the lack of adhesion domestic tapes hold.

When your goods are stored over long periods of time, or are sent via transit it is typical that low quality packaging materials can disintegrate and become ineffective at protecting your goods.

Products are susceptible to UV and climatic damage so it’s vital you invest in industry standard quality packaging tapes that are less likely to deplete n effectiveness over time.  This will give you peace of mind that your products are secured and they will come to no unavoidable harm.

With so many materials to consider your company must identify its packaging needs before investing in the correct packaging tape, choosing the wrong packaging material may lead to wasted time and money and ultimately avoidable damage of your goods.

Vinyl Tape

Many products are stored for long periods of time, so need a packaging tape that has a long lasting adhesion. You should buy vinyl tape in these circumstances as it’s resistant to changes in temperature and does not break down in humid conditions making it ideal for long term storage solutions.

Cross and Mono Weaved Tape

Your goods may need a high level of security, or are perhaps made of heavy duty materials, in these circumstances your company should invest in a reinforced tape that has high break resistance. Cross-weave tapes have a dual filament running in two directions through the tape, whereas mono-weave has a single filament running its length.

Coloured and Printed Tape

When working in warehouses with a plethora of stock, using printed packing tapes is a great way easily identify products and provides clear information. Utilising a colour coding system can reduce time staff search for products and will ultimately improve productivity. Printed warning tapes are a great way to communicate potential hazards with others throughout the supply chain that.


Polypropylene tapes comes in three categories, hot melt is ideal for those who need adhesion to corrugated surfaces and is an economical choice for common packaging needs.

Acrylic tape can be used as an environmentally friendly alternative to hot melt and solvent polypropylene tapes

Solvent polypropylene tape is perfect to use when packaging products that will be stored in cold environment, including long term storage items and refrigerated goods. This tape adheres excellently to polythene products

Acrylic tape can be used as an environmentally friendly alternative to hot melt and solvent polypropylene tapes, this is due to its water-based composition, its UV resistance means it’s ideal for extended outdoor use.

Packaging Equipment

Once you’ve chosen the correct packaging tape for your needs, consider professional parcel tape dispensers increase productivity by making taping easier and quicker. There are two types of tape dispensers; handheld which come with a pistol-grip and safety blade. The other type is bench clamped which is ideal for situations where the operator is in a difficult position where conventional dispensers can’t be used.

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