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Mail Lite Padded Postal Bags

Benefits of Mail Lite® Padded Bags

  • High burst strength
  • Recyclable
  • Reusable
  • Easy opening



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Product name Code
Mail Lite® L8 Padded Postal Bags (50/box) 13-66B
Mail Lite® K7 Padded Postal Bags (50/box) 13-66
Mail Lite® J6 Padded Postal Bags (50/box) 13-65
Mail Lite® H5 Padded Postal Bags (50/box) 13-67
Mail Lite® G4 Padded Postal Bags (50/box) 13-54
Mail Lite® F3 Padded Postal Bags (100/box) 13-52
Mail Lite® E2 Padded Postal Bags (100/box) 13-51
Mail Lite® D1 Padded Postal Bags (100/box) 13-50
Mail Lite® C0 Padded Postal Bags (100/box) 13-49
Mail Lite® B00 Padded Postal Bags (100/box) 13-80

When sending items in the post it’s important they arrive safely. Investing in the correct packaging materials will ensure this. Ferrari Packaging are committed to supplying the UK with industrial packaging supplies to suit all your needs. We offer great bulk discounts and a vast array of goods, no matter your packaging needs; we will have the right materials for you.

Mail Lite padded bags provide an easy, practical and economical solution to shipping a number of applications. The padded bags are tough, reusable and recyclable and have a smooth inner lining for easy product insertion and a convenient tear tape for simple, clean opening. We offer these ultra-durable envelopes in ten sizes to ensure you have the correct size for your goods.

Superior Protection for your goods

Mail Lite Padded bags are extremely tough and can handle heavy weight products such as tools without the envelope bursting. Standard domestic envelopes are often too weak to handle more substantial products which is why our padded bags are so popular. They are rugged and one of the toughest mailing bags available.

Each bag is made of 100% paper and can be reused as many times as you like, providing an economical solution to your packaging strategy. Not only do these wholesale mailing supplies save you money but they assist in saving the planet too.

Each bag is made from ultra-durable Kraft paper which protects your goods in transit. What’s more, they have extra edge protection to add a second dimension of security to this typically weak part on an envelope. They come with a self-sealing strip which makes for efficient packaging. Thanks to these items your packaging strategy will become more productive. When the goods arrive the envelope is opened easily with a convenient tear strip.

Ferrari are Wholesale Packaging Experts

Mail Lite padded bags are so strong thanks to the air trapped in the macerated Kraft paper. This creates a cushioning envelope durable to withstand the weight of heavy products such as tools and oily components.

Mail Lite padded envelopes will have any shock absorbed during transit meaning no harm will come to the goods inside, these puncture-resistant envelopes have become more lightweight as technology has increased over the years which has led to reduced shipping costs.

For items that do not need an extra level of protection, we stock bubble lined envelopes which are perfect for  protecting smaller items, such as jewellery, in transit. We deliver throughout the UK to bring you the best packaging supplies conveniently and easily. Our staff have over 60 years in the packaging industry and use our expert knowledge to guide our customers through their purchase. Contact us today to discuss your packaging needs and enquire about the best materials for your company. Transactions are handled by SagePay for 100% secure payment processing.

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