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Pallet Boxes

Pallet Boxes

Pallet Boxes

Ferrari Packaging stock a range of pallet boxes which are ideal for shipping and exporting your products on a global scale and efficient bulk packing of goods. 

Pallet boxes can be quickly assembled and collapsed which will save you storage space in your warehouse.

The range of pallet boxes all meet ISPM15 regulations making them suitable for exporting.

Pallet Boxes

Ferrari Packaging’s palletised containers are made from one of the most popular materials in packaging; double walled cardboard. It’s so popular thanks to its strength, durability, recyclability, and cost-effectiveness.

Our double walled cardboard boxes are made from two layered of corrugated paper lined with strong Kraft Paper. The corrugated paper created air pockets that act as a shock-resistant cushioning layer that protects against vibrations and movement during transit. Packaging your good is durable cardboard is a must if you’re sending your good on long distances where extra stress may be put on your items that are out with your control.

The air pockets act as a great insulator which protects your items further from the damaging effect of climatic changes to your products. Are your good being stored in a warehouse for a long period of time, or are they travelling long distances over some months? This extra layer of protection is ideal for these situations. Our palletised containers some with a lid to ensure there is no dust or dirt damage to your items.

Each palletised container comes with a heat-treated pallet as standard. These pallets are commonly used when trading internationally and due to strict legislation regarding the spread of tree pests,  there are tight controls of wooden packaging. This legislation is in place for both exporting and importing goods. The pallets we provide from Ferrari Packaging have been treated with heat which means they can be marked as being ISPM15 compliant which minimises the spread of pests.

Benefits of wooden pallets:

  • Wooden pallets are cheap compared to plastic and metal pallets.
  • They are recyclable and made from renewable resources.
  • Wooden pallets have high friction compared to plastic and metal pallets.
  • They offer good value for money due to their robust nature versus cost.
  • Wooden pallets can easily be repaired if damaged.

Pallets are used to stack, store and transport goods during the supply chain and are typically secured with wholesale stretch wrap. Palletised containers are beneficial to your warehouse as it allows you to move multiple items at a time, increasing productivity and improving the company’s bottom line. Manual handling is reduced which decreases the risk of your staff experiencing health and safety dangers.


Palletised containers are a brilliant packaging solution who need flexibility for their packaging strategy. The pallets are easily stored flat when not being used which can increase the amount of usable space in your warehouse. Our cardboard boxes are very lightweight which is ideal for reducing shipping costs when compared to heavy traditional pallet cases.

What’s more, they are extremely sturdy so can withstand the weight of heavy loads making palletised containers the ideal packaging material for all your packaging needs. As our palletised containers come with a heat treated pallet as standard it makes them easy to maneuver with a forklift.


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