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Buy new pallet top covers and bulk strapping from Ferrari Packaing.

Polythene Products For Palletisation

Polythene Products For Palletisation

At Ferrari Packaging we offer superior polyethene products that protect your items during dispatch. We are a Glasgow based wholesale supplier and ship all over the UK to guarantee your bulk packaging needs are met.

During transit, it’s vital your products are protected from elements such as dust, rain and other climatic changes; including UV damage. Our palletisation range includes pallet top covers and shrink wrap, both made from clear LDPE polyethene.

  • Pallet top covers are used to provide extra protection to goods placed on a pallet in transit. When covered with stretch wrap, the pallet top covers will keep your load secure on the pallet.
  • Shrink wrap also offers stabilisation and all-weather protection when palletising loads. The shrink pallet covers are made from high strength shrink grade polyethene and sold on a roll.

Here at Ferrari Packaging our main goal is to provide packaging materials that keep your goods protected, whether  in transit or in storage.

Pallet Top Covers

Pallet top covers act as a second dimension of protection for your good during transit. This is important because your pallet can suffer damage from hazards without the proper protection.

  • Water damage from rain
  • Climatic changes across the supply chain
  • Damage from damp and dust from storage

By investing in our pallet top covers and wholesale shrink wrap you will reduce the likelihood of damage which can ultimately lead to stock loss and loss of revenue. For other palletisation products, why not try our wholesale stretch wrap?

Our pallet top covers should be used as an additional preventative measure as part of your packaging strategy across many industries:

  • Warehouses
  • Factories
  • Manufacturing
  • Shipping
  • Logistics

Benefits of Pallet Top Covers

  • Prevent corrosion off goods over time
  • Items are protected from humidity
  • Scratches caused by friction is prevented
  • Pallet top covers are reusable
  • Durable material compared to cardboard alternatives
  • You will have peace of mind about your load across the supply chain


Shrink Wrap

Shrink wrapping is covered loosely round a product or load & it shrinks tightly when heat is applied.  When applying shrink wrap it’s important to use a heating machine. Steam guns release hot air and shrink tunnels are mounted over the load and the product flows through.

Benefits of shrink wrap

  • Shrink wrap from Ferrari Packaging protects products from damage out with your control; this includes weather, dust and dirt.
  • When your pallet is shrink wrapped properly it should encounter no damage during transit or storage
  • Shrink wrap still allows for your item to breathe so there are no chances of humidity or moisture damaging your goods.
  • Makes any tampering of the products evident
  • Low cost of shipment, end-product disposal and storage space

Today the size of the carbon footprint of your company is very important. Shrink wrap is recyclable and is a popular choice for companies who are looking to reduce their environmental impact. What’s more, this lightweight product will enjoy reduced shipping costs when compared with corrugated alternatives.





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