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Plastic Handles

Celta box handles benefits include:

  • Safe manual handling
  • Allow easy lifting without mechanical aid
  • Strong plastic handles
  • Easily attached to corrugated boxes

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Celta Box Handles (500 Pack) SP-41A

Celta box handles are an innovative design that makes the manual handling of boxes easier than ever before. Traditionally bulk cardboard boxes have smooth sides that make them difficult to keep a grasp of. By adding handles you reduce the risk of injuring from slipping boxes. Difficult to carry boxes could result in lower back pain, or damaged feet if the box is to fall.

Why use Celta Box Handles?

To use a Celta box handle, simply make a slit with a packaging knife in the side of the box you want to carry. The handle then slips through the incision and you have instant strong handles to assist your staff with manual handling.

If every time your staff needs to maneuver boxes across the warehouse, machinery is required, this can greatly reduce the productivity of the business. Celta handles eliminate the need for this and allow boxes to be picked up by hand and transported wherever the need to be with ease.

Productivity in your business will also be improved with Celta plastic box handles as correct manual handling will reduce injury with your staff, which may lead to missed days at work.

Each year there are 640,000 workplace injuries and incorrect manual handling accounts for 10% of all these, but by utilising the proper packaging accessories Ferrari offer, such as Celta box handles,  these risks will be greatly reduced.

Carrying heavy boxes without handles can be awkward and may lead to reduced visibility, resulting in accidents. Our box handle cutter allows the user attach handles quickly and easily in the side of the box which results in easier carrying and reduced risk of lower back pain and injury.

Before handling a product, assess the risk to your health and safety, if the box you are going to carry has smooth sides, insert Celta box handles to provide better grip.

Manual Handling Tips

  • Reduce the amount of twisting, stooping and reaching where possible.
  • Avoid lifting from floor level or above shoulder height, especially heavy loads.
  • Adjust storage areas to minimise the need to carry out such movements.
  • Consider how you can minimise carrying distances.
  • Assess the weight to be carried and whether the worker can move the load safely or needs any help – maybe the load can be broken down to smaller, lighter components

Manual Handling Techniques

  • Consider where the load is going to be placed and if you need help moving it.
  • Remove obstructions from your pathway.
  • Ensure you have a good hold of the product before lifting it, our Celta box handles will ensure you have a firm grasp.
  • Never handle more than can be managed, if in doubt seek advice and request assistance.
  • Do not move jerky movements when manaully handling goods, the process should be as smooth as possible.
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