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Polyester Strapping Dispensers

Mobile polyester strapping dispensers make the application of strapping quicker and easier.

The strapping dispensers are fully mobile so you can transport in your warehouse to wherever the strapping is required.

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Polyester Strapping Dispenser 61-CSM20

Benefits of Polyester Strapping

Polyester strapping is a material used throughout the packaging industry and is ideal for a plethora of strapping varieties such as securing export cardboard boxes and heavy loads including bricks and timber. This material is a great, modern, alternative to steel strapping. What’s more, polyester strapping enjoys up to three times more strapping per reel when compared with steel strapping and can save industries up to 78% in cost by changing to this material.

  • Good elongation
  • Very good break strength
  • Excellent corrosion resistance
  • Waterproof
  • Ideal for medium to heavy applications

Polyester Strapping Facts

Polyester is one of the best materials used in strapping today thanks to its many unique benefits. Polyester strapping can be used to secure any pallet or unitized load and is often used to replace steel strapping.

Reduce costs

In certain cases, polyester strapping may eliminate the need to purchase metal seals which can reduce the cost of the product even further, this makes polyester strapping a highly economical choice throughout the packaging industry.  Ferrari Packaging provides wholesale woven polyester strapping and all the strapping equipment you need to successful package your goods.


Polyester strapping has a 2% elongation property which allows it to stretch slightly, however this stretch will recover meaning once the load settles the strapping will still be flush with the package.


Polyester is a popular choice thanks to its moisture and UV resistant properties, unlike steel which may rust and stain the goods. It’s worth also investing in plastic edge protectors which protect against any strapping damage that may occur on loads.  

Polyester Strapping Dispensers

A strapping dispenser trolley is usually utilised when strapping by hand. These dispensers are mobile allowing them to be wheeled with ease to wherever they are needed in the warehouse. The dispensers sold by Ferrari Packaging come with a tool tray in which to store everything you need within easy reach.

A strapping dispenser avoids the frustration of untangling coiled strapping and limits the risk of accidents due to loose strapping being strewn across the floor.

Why use a strapping dispenser?

Polyester strapping dispensers are ideal for those who are looking to strap at an optimsied rate. Benefits include:

  • Avoiding distractions when retrieving more materials
  • Tools are all at close range
  • Mobile for ease of use
  • Eliminates mess and frustration
  • Easily organised workplace
  • Small and lightweight, yet durable

Where can I use a Strapping Dispenser Trolley?

This item is created to make strapping easy and convenient and can be used in all warehouses and any industry that ships their items. Today consumers expect a high level of customer service and a well packaged item reinforces your brand’s commitment to securing their items.

What Industries can use a Polyester Strapping Dispenser?

  • Factories
  • Warehouses
  • E-Commerce businesses
  • Construction sites
  • Shipping companies

This product is a great way to streamline your packaging strategy providing easy access to all the materials needed to strap successfully. Contact us today to discuss your wholesale packaging needs.



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