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Corrugated Paper Rolls

Benefits of Corrugated Paper Rolls

  • Clean
  • Lightweight
  • Cost Effective
  • 100% Recyclable
  • Made from Recycled Sources

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Corrugated Paper Roll (1250mm x 75m) 42-29
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Corrugated Paper Applications

Corrugated paper is a versatile packaging product that can be used for a number of applications, thanks to its lightweight construction it protects your items without amounting to excess shipping costs. We offer corrugated paper rolls in twelve sizes to suit your individual packaging needs.

Corrugated paper is a clean, lightweight and cost effective traditional paper packaging, providing cushioning, interleaving and surface protection for a number of applications. Environmentally friendly, the corrugated paper is manufactured from recycled material and is fully recyclable.

How can I use Corrugated Paper?

  • Protect against scratches.
  • Use as interleaving.
  • Minimize risk of marking your goods.
  • Use as a void filler.
  • Perfect for interleaving in boxes and containers
  • Its flexibility means it can be wrapped around unusually shaped products.

Corrugated papers are a single layer and made from Kraft paper with a 4.0mm C Flute.  The most common flute size in corrugated boxes is "C" flute.

Environment all Friendly Packaging Paper

Corrugated paper rolls are an environmentally friendly packaging material it’s made from recycled material and is 100% recyclable.

Today consumers are more interested in the sustainability of their packaging than ever before, in fact, 52% of a recent survey stated that they consider the environmental impact of packaging in their purchase decisions. Failing to invest in products such as corrugated packaging paper means your company runs the risk of missing out on nearly half of your sales to those who use packaging sustainably.

Wholesale Packing Paper Supplies

Ferrari Packaging are specialists in bulk packaging supplies. We are a Glasgow based company who offer economical prices and deliver throughout the UK to bring cost effective packaging solutions to your business.

Using packaging paper is a great, lightweight way to secure your contents and prevent costly damages. We stock a range of packaging papers to suit your needs, whether you need wholesale Kraft paper rolls for low-level packaging for your small business, or industrial supplies for shipping and export.

No matter the application for your packing paper; you will find a suitable paper in our range. Ferrari Packaging's range of packing papers includes;

  • Cross weave lining material is used for long distant shipping.
  • News print paper which is ideal to use when moving house.
  • Acid-free tissue paper which is perfect for wrapping delicate items which may tarnish.

Paper Packaging

Paper packaging is a great way to supplement your current packaging strategy, we recommend you use multiple materials to ensure your items are entirely secure when being stored or shipped.

Most commonly we use cardboard boxes in packaging, why not add a secondary dimension using corrugated cardboard rolls such as void filling or interleaving to help protect your goods further?

This will:

  • Reduce the vibrations our items suffer when in transit.
  • Act as an insulator against temperature and weather changes.
  • Act as a shock absorber which may lead to breakages.

Adding multiple layers of effective packaging allows your customers to see the effort you put into their goods and creates positive customer relationships. Broken goods create the opposite impression and might be detrimental to the long-term success of your business.


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