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Cross Weave Lining Material

Cross weave lining material is an alternative to traditional materials such as Kraft Union Paper. The cross weave lining material is 100% waterproof and is widely used in export packing cases.

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Blue Cross Weave Lining Material (1.83 x 200m) 20-598C

At Ferrari Packaging are experts in wholesale packaging supplies and packing paper. We are a Glasgow based company who deliver throughout the UK to bring cost effective packaging solutions to your business.

Our packaging supplies business stocks a range of packing papers to suit every business, with our specialists on hand we are sure to find your business a packaging paper which will suit. Ferrari Packaging's range of packing papers includes corrugated paper, cross weave lining material, news print paper and acid-free tissue paper.

Cross Weave Lining Material

Looking for a sturdy, waterproof packing paper? At Ferrari Packaging we supply Cross weave lining material is an alternative to traditional materials such as Kraft Union Paper. Perfect for the British weather conditions this cross weave lining material is 100% waterproof and is widely used in export packing cases.

Can be used for shipping long distances

  • Can be used in a variety of weather conditions as it protects against humidity and condensation in storage
  • Sold in 200m rolls


Corrugated paper

Should your business go back to the basics with corrugated paper? This is a clean, lightweight and cost effective traditional paper packaging solution that will provide cushioning, interleaving and surface protection for a number of applications.

If your business is looking to be more sustainable with their packaging supplied, this environmentally friendly solution is made plainly from recycled material and is fully recyclable.

If you would like to cut your packaging costs this could be another method. Be more cost effective with corrugated paper and guard your packages against damages.

Are you looking for a wholesale supply of paper rolls? Our Ferrari Packaging paper rolls come in varying sizes to ensure you will have the right to protect all your goods.

Ways for Your Business to Use Packaging Paper


In the industrial business there are a variety of ways your business can use paper rolls to protects and store goods. If you are looking for that extra lining of proofing - Using packaging paper is a great way to secure your contents and prevent costly damages.

At Ferrari Packaging we specialise in bulk orders contact us today for all of our packaging paper options or browse our product categories today.


  • Use to fill voids in boxes
  • Lightweight material so reduces shipping costs
  • Reduces chance of goods being scratched
  • Ideal for moving house. Ferrari also stock house moving kits to further assist you.
  • Use for interleaving
  • Protects delicate items

Why Should Your Business Use Paper Packaging?


Not only is adding a second layer of packaging as another dimension of protection, good practice but it may save your business money in the long run.  Protect your packages from being damaged during transit and storage.

If you are not wholly convinced that paper packing will be effective for your business and want to make sure that your packaging is completely secure we suggest adding wholesale bubble wrap to your cardboard boxes. This method of packaging works best to protect individual items and fill voids between double wall cardboard boxes.

With years of experience in the packaging industry we would be more than happy to talk you through a packaging strategy for your business. Call Today

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