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Self Adhesive Parcel Labels

Benefits of Self Adhesive Parcel Labels

  • Displays contents of box without the need to open it.
  • Communicates handling specification across the supply chain.
  • Prevents avoidable damage to your goods.
  • Highly visible.
  • Increases chance of items being delivered safely.



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This Way Up Labels (500/roll) 11-06
Glass With Care Labels (500/roll) 11-05
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Labels & Paper

The proper packaging of your goods is vital to the success of your business. Failing to invest in correct items might lead to preventable, costly damage. This not only affects your bottom line, but will have a negative impact on client and customer relationships.

Many of us have received an item in the post and immediately recognised the tell-tell rattle of broken goods. Avoid the chance of this happening with clear warning labels that self-adhere to the outer layer of your parcel.

These labels are a wonderful secondary dimension to your traditional packaging strategy.

  • Invest in durable double wall cardboard boxes which will protect against the vibrations nad shocks in the road thanks to their air filled chambers. What’s more, the corrugated layred act as an insulator protecting your goods from changes in climate. Perfect if your goods are travelling long distance or being stored in a warehouse.
  • Invest in a layer of bulk bubble wrap which should be wrapped around your item before being placed in the cardboard box. This cushioning layer is not only waterproof but will protect your item from damage sustained I transit.
  • Wrap your box with industrial packaging tape. Ferrari packaging are printed tape suppliers which can be used to colour code your items and organise your warehouse. Using a domestic grade tape means running the risk of your box coming un-wrapped.

It’s vital to think about other considerations once you’ve achieved this basic level of packaging, especially if you are sending fragile goods in transit.  Ferrari Packaging stock a wide selection of copier paper and adhesive labels to use when shipping, transporting and exporting products.

Packaging is used at every stage of the supply chain, its used to protect products from their journey from manufacture right through to people’s homes. Throughout the supply chain, it’s likely your item will be handled multiple times by different people. Investing in clear packaging labels communicates what is inside the packaging without words or the need to be face to face with the handler

Self-Adhesive Parcel Labels

We stock a range of permanent adhesive labels with a variety of messages. These labels are suitable for adhering to all paper and board surfaces and are printed onto a high quality varnished paper. Self-adhering labels offer superior protection to your items compared to packages that are sent with no form of handling communication.

Warning labels

  • This Way Up
  • Glass With Care
  • Fragile Labels

Other Packaging Labels and Paper that we Stock

Hazard Warning Labels - To be used when packaging dangerous substances

A4 Labels - These are compatible with inkjet and LaserJet printers, photocopiers and handwriting

Copier Paper – Great for companies who print high volumes.

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