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Smart Tape

Smart Tape uses less space than any other packaging tape and reduces the amount of packaging waste by more than 65%. It is a polypropylene tape with an acrylic adhesive.

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Product name Code
Smart Tape - Clear (48mm x 150m) 62-55B
Smart Tape - Buff (48mm x 150m) 62-55C

Packaging Tape: What Do I Need to Know?

Have a think about how strong your tape needs to be. Tapes come in a variety of materials, shapes and sizes and there are lots to consider before purchasing a packing tape.

Why Invest in Industrial Packaging Tape?

Investing in new packaging material like cardboard boxes and stretch wrap? It may be time to also change the packaging tape your business is using. Remember your reputation as a business is dependent on the attention to detail.

If you are providing quality goods, your packaging should match. Your business packaging should be impressive to your customers. If you send your products out in safe, protected packaging then they will be more likely to return to your business.

 Through packaging you can give your customers a reliable and trustworthy service which they will want to buy again from.  

At Ferrari Packaging we supply:

  • Polypropylene Hot Melt
  • Polypropylene Acrylic Tape
  • Polypropylene Solvent Tape
  • Vinyl Tape
  • Machine Length Hot Melt Tape
  • Smart Tape
  • Tape Dispensers
  • Masking Tapes
  • Duct Tapes
  • Crossweave Reinforced Tapes
  • Monoweave-Reinforced Tapes
  • Coloured Tape


Picking A Packaging Tape

Every organisation has different needs and this could not be truer for packaging. Try to avoid wasting money on a packaging tape which will not work effectively for your business needs. This will damage your business reputation and may mean you will have to spend even more money on a new solution. 

Time, envirment and weight are the two main factors to take into consideration when yoyu are pciking a packaging tape.

  • How long does your package need to be sealed for?
  • What sort of environment will my package be kept in during transit or storage?
  • Will my tape be able to conceal the weight of this package?


Why Choose Smart Tape?

Smart Tape is thinner substitute to other industrial tapes. The EU’s is planning to reduce packaging waste by 2030 and smart tape is a great product for industries with an interest in reducing their environmental impact.

Smart tape is a polypropylene tape with an acrylic adhesive. It uses less space than any other packaging tape and reduces the amount of packaging waste by more than 65%.

Applying Smart Tape


For the best results, leave your packaging tape to set without any disruption for a least 20 minutes. Of course this may vary depending on which packaging tape your business is using.

Make sure that the surface of your package is clean, dry, free of oil, grease, dust, fibres, or any other dirt before application as this will give you the best results.

Packages that may be in bad condition could reduce the effectiveness of your chosen adhesive. For the most consistent results use the best condition of packages as your business can, this may mean investing in new cardboard boxes and filling materials.  

Still unsure if Smart Tape will be the best option for your business? At Ferrari Packaging, we would be more than happy to guide you in the right direction! Give us a call today!


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