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Coloured Tape

A range of coloured polypropylene tapes, otherwise known as BOPP tapes, are ideal for sealing and colour coding cartons and packages for easy identification in warehouses, stores or during transit. If you are looking for a tape that offers protection of your products during storage or transportation, or a tape with enough flexibility to stretch and seal cartons, this is the tape for you.


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Product name Code
Yellow Polypropylene Tape (48mm x 66m) 62-84E
White Polypropylene Tape (48mm x 66m) 62-84B
Red Polypropylene Tape (48mm x 66m) 62-84A
Green Polypropylene Tape (48mm x 66m) 62-84D
Blue Polypropylene Tape (48mm x 66m) 62-84C
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The polypropylene tape is one of the most widely used tapes in the shipping and inventory industry for many reasons. Polypropylene is very popular due to its low pricing in comparison to other tapes, especially because the BOPP tape is of very high quality. For the low cost, you aren’t risking quality and protection.

We recommend using a tape dispenser when using BOPP tapes, this is because the tape is very tough and is hard to tear manually.


Uses of coloured Polypropylene Tape



BOPP tape can be used for packaging products to be sent by post, the strong material ensures the package is secure and safe from any tears when applied properly. The tape has a rugged structure and has high tensile strength that makes it ideal for packaging and labelling. BOPP packing tape is abrasion and moisture resistant protecting the covered area by preventing tears and stopping moisture entering into the package. A benefit of polypropylene tape is that the material is a thermoplastic polymer, this means that the tape is effective in both high and low temperatures, so packages being transported to other environments will be kept secure.  


Colour coding

Our polypropylene tape is coloured so you can use the tape as a very effective organisational tool. You can use different colours of tape to mark inventory of specific items, this helps with finding specific products and keeps things organised.

Examples include:

  • Colour coding work equipment to define which member of staff or department owns the equipment. Effective when working with other staff where the same equipment is used, for example construction.
  • Colour coding boxes using our coloured tape to help with easy identification of which products are in the box, effective when distributing the same product with different colour variations.
  • Colour coding areas such as a designated area for raw meat at a restaurant or a no go zone at a construction site.

We also stock clear polypropylene tape, perfect for protecting labels and other important information.


Why choose coloured polypropylene tape?

When packaging products, you cannot skip on protection. Polypropylene tape ensures that your package will be kept safe and secure during transit. The different varieties of coloured tape available allows the tape to have multiple uses such as colour coding equipment and designated areas.

Remember to ensure that the packaging you use is appropriate for your product, the wrong packaging can lead to damaged items during transportation or even lost parts. At Ferrari Packaging we only source the highest quality products to ensure your products arrive at their destination securely.


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