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Printed Tape

Printed polypropylene tapes are ideal for warning and informing people about products packaged inside cardboard boxes when in transit or storage. White tape with clear, easy-to-read red text.

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Product name Code
WARNING Printed Tape (48mm x 66m) 62-65C
QC CHECKED Printed Tape (48mm x 66m) 62-65A
FRAGILE Printed Tape (48mm x 66m) 62-65
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Coloured and Printed Tape

When working in warehouses with a plethora of stock, using printed packing tapes is a great way easily identify products and provides clear information for your staff and other who may handle your stock.

  • “Fragile” acts as a clear warning that the items within the boxes must be handled carefully. By clearly displaying this warning the risk of damage to your products will be greatly reduced. This tape will alert handlers to take extra care of your packaged items both during transit and in storage.
  • “QC” marked tapes give confidence throughout the supply chain that the necessary standards are being made.
  • “Warning” labels mean there is no need to splurge on extra labels, as the message you’re sending is part of the packaging sealant. The red warning on a white background makes handlers aware of potential hazards.

Each of our printed tapes can be loaded easily into our tape dispensers for ease of use and increased efficiency in the work environment. There are two types of tape dispensers; handheld which come with a pistol-grip and safety blade. The other type is bench clamped which is ideal for situations where the operator is in a difficult position where conventional dispensers can’t be used.

By investing in printed tapes you will save on the need to buy extra packaging supplies in order to warn handlers and members of the supply chain of how to handle your goods. By carefully considering the needs of your packaging requirements you will be able to make a sound investment through packaging tape suppliers that will improve your efficiency and save you money.

What is printed packaging tape made of?

Our printed tape is made of polypropylene tape which comes in three categories, hot melt is ideal for those who need adhesion to corrugated surfaces and is an economical choice for common packaging needs.

Acrylic tape can be used as an environmentally friendly alternative to hot melt and solvent polypropylene tapes

Solvent polypropylene tape is perfect to use when packaging products that will be stored in a cold environment, including long term storage items and refrigerated goods. This tape adheres excellently to polyethene products

Acrylic tape can be used as an environmentally friendly alternative to hot melt and solvent polypropylene tapes, this is due to its water-based composition, its UV resistance means it’s ideal for extended outdoor use.

With the EU’s target to reduce packaging waste by 2030 smart tape is an ideal choice for industries with an interest in reducing their environmental impact.  The printed tape we supply is 100% recyclable so great for companies who are looking towards reducing their carbon footprint.

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