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Tape Dispensers

Hand held tape dispenser, comes with pistol grip handle and adjustable brake and safety blade. Makes sealing boxes easier and quicker. Compatible with tape widths up to 48mm.

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Tape Dispenser Gun (48mm) 62-10A
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Benefits of Tape Dispensers

Using a professional parcel tape dispenser is something most warehouses should consider thanks to the many benefits they hold:

  • Utilising wholesale packaging tape dispensers increase production efficiency thanks to their easy-to-use and automated nature. Each time the user needs to tape something, it can be done in a smooth and quick manner. Have you ever struggled with trying to find the end of a roll of tape? That frustration is eliminated with industrial tape dispensers.
  • When using a tape dispenser, the handler only used the amount of tape needed which will reduce overall waste and save your company money in the long run. Material loss may seem insignificant at the time, but wasted material adds up and is costly overall.
  • Thanks to the dispensing gun your items will be packaged neatly, which gives a great brand impression and shows all who handle your goods that care has been taken over your packaging strategy.
  • For companies who are looking to reduce their carbon footprint, packaging tape dispensers mean less waste and in turn less production of harmful carbon dioxide.
  • Packaging using a dispenser gun is extremely time efficient and means your labour costs will be reduced. Your team will be able to move onto other projects much faster and productivity of your whole warehouse will increase.
  • Struggling with unraveling tape manually can be frustrating and leave your warehouse’s morale low, with each handler using a streamlined and easy to use dispenser there will be positive working environment.

How to Load a Tape Dispenser

  1. Line up the roll of packaging tape so it unwinds counter-clockwise over the dispenser reel.
  2. Pull the tape through the slot between the dispenser roller and shield. The sticky side of the tape should be face down at this point.
  3. Draw the tape up across the top of the blade.
  4. Test the dispenser by pulling a small amount of packaging tape out and cutting it with the blade.
  5. Adjust the tension as needed so it unwinds smoothly.

Choosing the right tape for your packaging needs

Packaging your goods correctly is the first step in ensuring their safety during transit, shipping or storage so ensure the packaging supplies you use are of industrial standard. Remember, there are different tape options that may suit your needs better than others. Domestic tape has a notoriously low adhesion level and will not suffice in securing your loads on an industrial level, especially if your items are going to be subject to UV rays, or changes in temperature.

Here at Ferrari Packaging we stock:

  • Coloured and printed tape which is ideal for colour coding and warning handlers of the contents of the package
  • Vinyl tape is a great solution for everyday packing and had a long shelf life without losing adhesion.
  • Masking tape is ideal to use for temporary taping needs and is popular in the construction industry this waterproof material can even be written on.
  • Crossweave and monoweave tape is a reinforced tape ideal for heavy duty packaging needs. It cannot be cut my hand which is a great deterrent for would-be-thieves.
  • Duct tape is one of the strongest tapes thanks to its three layers available and is used throughout the industrial world.
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