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AirCap® Bubble Bags

AirCap® bubble bags use barrier sealed bubble for long-lasting cushioning. Bubble bags are ideal for packing delicate, fragile and small items. The bags are light and transparent so contents can be quickly identified. There are 7 standard sizes available all with self-seal adhesive strips.

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Product name Code
AirCap® Bubble Bag BB7 (380 x 435mm) 43-60
AirCap® Bubble Bag BB6 (305 x 435mm) 43-76
AirCap® Bubble Bag BB5 (280 x 360mm) 43-13
AirCap® Bubble Bag BB4 (230 x 280mm) 43-39
AirCap® Bubble Bag BB3 (180 x 235mm) 43-63
AirCap® Bubble Bag BB2 (130 x 185mm) 43-44
AirCap® Bubble Bag BB1 (100 x 135mm) 43-61
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AirCap® Bubble Bags

The world of e-commerce has led to a huge increase of items being shipped  every day, in fact, in 2015 our online spending rose by 11% to £114bn. Throughout the lifecycle of your item being packaged, stored and shipped it could be on the road for many days. This is what makes protective packaging so important.

AirCap bubble wrap is a superior product that will help protect your goods far better than an economy version. When tested against standard bubble wrap it was discovered that AirCap retained full protection thanks to their barrier layer and non-barrier versions lost over 50% of its thickness subsequently reducing its protective abilities.

Why use Bubble Bags?

Bubble bags are a great material to protect your items during transit as they act as a cushioning barrier against shocks and vibrations on the road. By wrapping your items in this material, you will limit the risk of damage being made to your goods. AirCap is a high-performance bubble wrap that provides superior protection.

Bubble bags allow for quick and easy packaging which can increase the productivity of your operations when compared with cutting, taping and securing your items manually.

Bubble wrap provides a cost-effective, eco-friendly alternative to damaging polystyrene packaging solutions. What’s more, thanks to the lightweight nature of bubble bags your shipping costs will be reduced and carbon emissions diminished.

Benefits of AirCap Bubble Bags

  • Reduces risk of damage to items
  • Eliminates costly returns and refunds
  • Improves customer satisfaction when good arrive intact
  • Makes for more efficient packaging
  • Easy for the customer to open

Bulk Bubble Wrap Packaging Solutions

Bulk bubble wrap from Ferrari Packaging is a great packaging solution as it acts as a cushioning barrier from shock damage. However, it has many other beneficial properties.


If you are sending your items in transit it may come up against climatic changes out with your control, this can also be said if you are storing items in warehouses over long periods of time. Bubble wrap insulates the items inside and prevents damage from the cold.


Bubble wrap is a low cost and efficient way to protect items from humidity and water damage, it is naturally water resistance so the items inside will be protected should there be any adverse weather during shipment. This is especially useful if you are using a double wall cardboard box as an outer layer of protection which can’t withstand water damage.


As AirCap bubble bags are transparent it means the user can see the item inside with ease, this is particularly useful in the event that an incorrect item is shipped. The user will not have to open the item fully to see there has been a mistake made making returns simpler.  This is also helpful in the packaging and shipping industry when organising goods.

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