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Sanstrap® Bands

Sanstrap pallet stabilising bands are made from 100% recyclable film and have enormous elastic strength to sit tight to the load without sticking. The stabilising bands are quick to apply and can be disposed of with stretch and shrink films.

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Sanstrap Bands (100mm x 1200mm) 23-97
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Having a plan for your packaging supplies means that even before sending anything in transit your goods will arrive at their new destination in the same condition in which you left them. Our packaging supplies Glasgow can equip your business  with everything it needs for safe and secure packaging.


What are Sanstrap® Bands?

Warehouses and industrial business are using stretch bands in new and creative way. By using Sanstrap® Bands your business can secure a wide range of packaged goods. Sanstrap® Bands have a great elastic strength that gives outstanding pallet stability.

This effective tool can be used to keep pallet loads, drums and rolls of goods safe from damage whilst in transit or storage, keeping pallets steadier and secure. This is not the only benefit of Sanstrap Stretch Bands are a cost effective alternative to stretch wraps, adhesive tapes, rubber bands, pack twines, wrapping bands, etc.

The Benefits of Sanstrap Bands


There are lots of benefits of Sanstrap bands for Intra warehouse operations. This innovative form of Stretch wrapping will protect pallets during storage as it can defend the load when bumping in to other cargo.

Is your business conscious about the environment and is looking for protective packaong that will not stray from your businesses eco agenda? Stretch bands have the ability to solve this problem as other methods of stretch wrapping can cause a lot of plastic waste.

Sanstrap bands simply stretch around your pallet load meaning there is no need for excessive wrapping. Stretch bands normally have perforated strips which can be removed from the rolls and can stretch to accommodate the boxes on the pallet.

  • Stretch Bands are versatile and can hold a range of load types in place
  • Easy application means that your employees can be more productive with their time
  • Sanstrap is an environmentally friendly method of packaging. The lack of unnecessary material means that your business refrains from waste.
  • There is no need for costly machinery.
  • There are a variety of widths, lengths and grades to meet your demands.
  • Stretch Bands are a cheaper alternative to plastic wraps.
  • Stretch Bands are 100% recyclable. Once they are used, they do loose elasticity and it is possible but difficult to reuse a stretch band.
  • Your business could save money on other elements of packaging as no adhesive needs to be applies.

Sanstrap at Ferrari Packaging


At Ferrari Packaging we only supply the best and highest quality of packaging solutions. Id you are looking for a recommended stretch band, Sanstrap® is the world leader for the supply of stretch bands.

Sanstraps elasticity and strength are tried and tested meaning whatever size your business is, you cannot go wrong with this type of stretch band. Every business is different and requires different types protection but all businesses have the same problems.

Sanstrap will ensuring great efficiency at a lower cost than other forms of stretch wrap. Contact us today to discuss your needs and find out what packaging methods your business can use to reduce costings and increase productivity.

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