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Hand Stretch Film Dispensers

Stretch film dispensers reduce the time it takes to wrap and protect your products, making it easy to protect every pallet.

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Stretch Wrap in Packaging

Stretch wrap is one of the most used products in the packaging industry; in fact this product has been growing in popularity since it rose to prominence in 1939. Each year global experts expect demand to increase by 5.5%. However, typically, we don’t think too much about the products we use every day, so what exactly is hand stretch wrap and how can it benefit your packaging strategy?

There are two types of stretch film blown and cast;

Blown Stretch Film:

  • Accounts for 30-35% of stretch wrap produced and is typically used for commodity hand wrapping.
  • Blown extrusion uses a melted plastic resin which is extracted into a closed circular bubble that has air blown through it in order to cool the resin.
  • Airflow chills the film as it’s being pulled upward which can then be wound into rolls for use.


  • Offers high stretch capacity.
  • Higher quality of film.
  • Stayed secured to load as has high memory capacity.
  • Enjoys high tear resistance, ideal for wrapping loads with sharp edges.

Cast Stretch Film

  • The most popular type of stretch wrap packaging and accounts for 60-75% all production.
  • Mainly used for machine wrapping.
  • The extracted film is cooled and solidified on cooling rolls then immediately trimmed and rolled.


  • Less expensive than blown film as production cost is cheaper.
  • High clarity allows the user to see the products once wrapped.
  • Cast film unwinds quietly.
  • Wraps are secured as the film clings on both sides.

Stretch film comes in two options – clear and opaque. Though clear film is often thought to be the ideal choice as palletised loads are visible once wrapped, opaque film are popular for the opposite reason. This type of stretch wrap work as a theft deterrent as thieves are less likely to approach an opaquely wrapped load as the products are concealed.

Stretch wrap dispensers

For companies who wrap less than 15 loads a day, there is no need to invest in a stretch wrap machine.  Here at Ferrari Packaging we recommend the two-handled industrial manual stretch wrap dispenser; this model makes wrapping the bottom of pallets easy and ensures loads are secured tightly. By using a wrapping dispenser you can ensure uniformity of your loads.

Hand wrap dispensers have multiple benefits:

  • Smooth and efficient pallet wrapping
  • Lightweight design for ease of use
  • Rubber grips for maximum comfort
  • Easily adjustable film tension to ensure the pallet is wrapped tightly
  • Fast film replacement to increase productivity

To wrap a pallet by hand follow these instructions:

  • Extract about three feet of stretch wrap and form a rope with about 80-10 inches of the film.
  • Thread the tope through one corner of the pallet.
  • Begin wrapping the pallet from the base, wrap this at least five times.
  • Ensure the film is pulled extremely tightly
  • Work your way up the load ensuring the goods are held together tightly.
  • Once at the top of the box test if the items move
  • If they move, wrap tightly down to the bottom of the load


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