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Imitation Kraft Paper

Made using recycled fibre, Imitation Kraft paper is a low-cost alternative to traditional virgin Kraft paper. Imitation Kraft paper has a ribbed appearance.

Benefits of Imitation Kraft Paper

  • Suitable for light to medium packaging use.
  • Versatile.
  • Use for Interleaving.
  • Prefect scratches on goods.
  • Protect goods in transit and storage.
  • Reduce damage to items.

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Product name Code
Imitation Kraft Paper (900mm x 200m) 22-04
Imitation Kraft Paper (1500mm x 150m) 22-04A

Why choose Imitation Kraft Paper?

Imitation Kraft paper has a lower burst strength when compared to standard Kraft paper but is still useful for a number of applications, ideally it should be used for light and medium packaging and offers safe and reliable protection from the hazards of storage and transit.

Sustainable Paper Packaging

  • Imitation Kraft paper is the perfect product for companies looking to reduce their carbon footprint. It is 100% recyclable and biodegrades naturally without leaching toxins into the environment. Today sustainability is a major contributing factor to most business’s packaging strategy as 52% of consumers reveal they are influenced by the sustainability of the packaging when making their purchasing decisions.

Versatile Packaging Solution

  • Ferrari Packaging offer only the best is wholesale and bulk packaging solutions, our imitation Kraft paper is an economical way to protect your items and this high performance product is a great low cost alternative to typical paper packaging.
  • No matter the shape of the item your packaging this flexible material will wrap around it with ease. Imitation Kraft paper is great for protecting fragile and unusually shaped items such as ornaments.

Economical Choice

  • Thanks to imitation Kraft paper being so light weight it will help reduce your shipping costs, this makes it very cost effective.
  • It’s stored in neat rolls which means it won’t take up valuable space in your workplace.
  • We offer imitation wholesale Kraft paper rolls in two sizes 150mm x 150m and 900mm x 200x

Other Kraft Paper Choices

Kraft paper is a durable material which is made from 100% virgin fibre. Its wood pulp manufacture gives it its signature strength.

Kraft union paper is a waterproof material perfect for items which may face weather changes during shipping. Union paper also offers UV protection for your goods.

Kraft waxed paper is saturated in wax to give it is waterproofing properties.  This paper can be used to wrap tools and car parts as its construction prevents leaks and seepage.

Kraft Paper Cutter Stand

Our Kraft rolls are ideal to use with a cutter stand. These allow your packaging efforts to be streamlined which improved the tidiness of your workplace and also the efficiency of workers. Store all your packaging supplies in one handy area and improve the organisation of your warehouse.

  • Cut paper to the perfect size and avoid waste.
  • Organise paper, bulk bubble wrap and foam rolls.
  • Improve overall packaging efficiency.
  • Cutting stands can be transported around workplace with ease.


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