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Kraft Union Paper

Kraft union paper is ideal when lining boxes for export and for filling large corrugated wooden and metal boxes, offering great lining and wrapping protection. Other uses include interleaving between products on a pallet and wrapping valuable spare parts.

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Kraft Union Paper (900mm x 100m) 22-03
Kraft Union Paper (600mm x 100m) 22-68A
Kraft Union Paper (1200mm x 100m) 22-68C
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The Kraft union paper keeps moisture and water out thanks to the materials it’s made from. It’s created by bonding two layers of high-quality Kraft paper with bitumen using laminate. This creates a very strong water resistant wrapper that stops your package from becoming damaged or wet in transit. The strong paper resists perforations and tears making it ideal for shipping packaging. Due to the resistant material you can use this kraft paper packaging for storage too, products can stay protected against the humid environment and will stop any UV damage that would otherwise occur if the product was kept in sunlight without protection from the sun.

Available in multiple sizes, you can ensure your products are kept safe and secure using our union paper. We supply a wide range of other protective packaging that will ensure your products are delivered safely.


How Kraft Union paper is made

Kraft union paper is an excellent packaging solution because it is an extremely heavy duty material and therefore provides superior lining and wrapping protection. It’s made by bonding two layers of Kraft paper together with a separate layer of bitumen. Bitumen is a great material that is utilised when your packages need to be water resistant. This is especially useful when packaging export cases

When sending your goods in transit they can come under climatic changes and be at risk of water damage. By investing in high quality Kraft Union paper, the risk of this costly damage is decreased. Shipping containers generally cannot claim to be completely waterproof, wooden ones shrink and butting occurs which creates gaps in the container. Because of this shrinking it’s so important to invest in extra protective layers that will prevent your goods from damage. It’s especially important to invest in these materials if the goods you are shipping are at risk of corrosion or deterioration due to climate.

Another way Kraft Union paper can be utilised effectively is to protect your company’s goods when they are kept stored in a warehouse over long periods of time as they will be protected from humidity and UV damage.


Why Choose Protective Packaging?

When planning to distribute your goods one of the most important things to consider is the safety of the products during shipping. Here at Ferrari Packaging, we guarantee the best protective materials to give you peace of mind when sending your good in transit.

Before your goods are packaged, think about what type of material you need to protect them before investing in your packaging. Investing in the wrong materials may lead to costly returns and wasted packaging supplies. The bottom line is extremely important to your business and careful considerations should be thought through. Are your items heavyweight? If so, a durable product is needed; such as Kraft union paper. What’s more, no matter your location in the UK we can deliver our wholesale packaging supplies to you.

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