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Waxed Kraft Paper

Benefits of Waxed Kraft Paper

  • The wax presents a moisture resistant barrier.
  • Widely used within the engineering industry.
  • Waxed Kraft paper can be used to wrap and pack greasy or oily items without risk of leaking.
  • This packaging material acts as a corrosion inhibitor for metal components and machined parts.


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Why Choose Waxed Kraft Paper?

Waxed Kraft paper is saturated with a wax that acts as a barrier against leaking fluids. It is ideally used for general export wrapping.

This material is extremely strong and popular in industrial industries. It offers high protection against oil and grease so is a great choice for those companies wrapping greasy tools or oily car parts. Wrapping your goods in Kraft Paper will mean the chance of spillages and staining is greatly reduced.

Properly protecting the items you package will lead to improved customer relationships and reduction in costly damages. Kraft waxed paper is saturated in wax to ensure no seepage or leakage of the items inside.

Ensuring your items are wrapped in quality materials shows those in the supply chain and your customers that you care about the arrival of the goods, once the sale is complete it’s beneficial to the long-term success of your company that the needs of the customer isn't forgotten.  Customers appreciate well-packaged items and doing this drives repeat purchasing.

Uses for Kraft Waxed Paper

  • Shipping car parts
  • Storing greasy or oily tools
  • Interleaving
  • Padding
  • Sending goods which may be affected by changing weather conditions

What is Waxed Kraft Paper?

Waxed paper is also known as paraffin paper, it has a very smooth surface thanks to its wax coating. The wax that is used to create the material is non-sticky so other items will not experience any residue  left behind from the paper.

Paper Cutting Stand

Our waxed Kraft Paper can be easily used with our cutter stands. These allow for efficient wrapping and increased productivity; perfect if your business wraps a high level of items. Cutter stands can also hold bulk bubble wrap, fibreglass and foam rolls.

Cutter stands are designed to be used to streamline your company’s packaging strategy. You can cut your material of choice to the desired size in a tidy manner.

Benefits of Cutting Stands

  • Avoid wasted materials
  • Improve packaging efficiency
  • Create a tidy working environment
  • Perfect for a variety of industries
  • Safe and easy to use
  • Can be easily transported

Ferrari Packaging are experts in their fields and have combined experience of over 60 years. Contact us today to discuss your packaging needs, we love to hear from our customers and will advise you on the best wholesale packaging supplies for your business. We offer great bulk discounts and deliver all over the UK from our Glasgow warehouse to bring you economical packaging solutions.

Packaging is more important than ever before thanks to the rise of e-commerce, consumers are demanding more from their items and look to have goods wrapped in high-quality protective items. Choose our low-cost yet durable products to effectively protect your items in storage and transit.




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