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Polypropylene Strapping Tools

A range of tools for use with polypropylene strapping including tensionsers, sealers and combination tools.

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Product name Code
Polypropylene Strapping Tensioner 61-TST30
Polypropylene Strapping Sealer (16mm) 61-SGP16
Polypropylene Strapping Sealer (12mm) 61-SGP12
Polypropylene Strapping Combination Tool 61-SPC12
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What is Strapping?

Strapping is the terminology used when you apply different materials of strap to a package, pallet, or to reinforce fasten and hold items together.

Strapping is commonly used in the packaging industry when goods are being sent in transit to ensure items are secured together. This doesn’t only benefit the items by protecting them from damage, but is vital to shop goods shifting dangerously, which may break health and safety laws.

Choosing the right strapping material is important to your business as different applications require different types of strap. You must also consider how long your items are going to be in strapping for and different strapping materials should be used for different time scales. The strapping you choose must be able to adapt to any changes over certain lengths of time, such as the weather. For this type of need, companies should invest in strapping that has excellent UV resistance.

Polypropylene Strapping

Polypropylene strapping is most commonly used to securing bundles by hand, it’s also used for regular pallet loads, cardboard boxes and parcels. Polypropylene strapping is used:

  • Warehouses
  • Shipping industries
  • Transport
  • Logistics
  • Retail

Polypropylene Strapping is a fairly a low cost way to guarantee your items are secured safely and will arrive to their destination without sustaining any damage. It is naturally very flexible and is able mould to contours of unconventional or shaped packages. Polypropylene offers excellent corrosion resistance.

Polypropylene Strapping Tools

  • A strapping tensioner allows you to strap and seal packages quickly and easily
  • Not all packages are straightforward. If you’re strapping an unconventional item choose our separate polypropylene tensioner and sealing tools for extra flexibility.
  • For fast, everyday strapping, choose our polyester strapping combination tools that tension and seal in one. This robust and durable tool is economical and improves productivity.

What Other types of Strapping is there?


Steel is the oldest form of strapping and is often used to secure heavy duty products as it has minimal stretch and maximum strength. Steel strapping enjoys excellent UV resistance and ideal for industrial use, such as securing heaving items with sharp angles. Ferrari packaging stocks this ultra-durable material and steel strapping dispensers. Lightweight strapping can break or snap so a high tensile product is recommended when strapping more substantial items.


 Polyester strapping offers a lower cost per foot compared to steel and does not carry the same risk of staining. However, it is much lighter than traditional steel strapping.  Polyester strapping has very good break strength and excellent corrosion resistance. For lightweight products that damage easily, companies should consider using a strapping that has more elongation to it.

Wholesale Protective Packaging

Investing incorrectly in strapping may cause harm to your products, there have been avoidable cases where pallets have collapsed destroying inventories due to incorrect strapping. Rather than experiencing these costly damages you should invest wisely in the correct type of strapping for your needs. Contact the experts at Ferrari Packaging to discuss your needs, our staff has over 60 years combined experience and are always thrilled to hear from our customers.


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