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Woven Corded Polyester Strapping Seals

Strapping seals are essential accessories for securing woven corded polyester strapping. 

The range includes serrated seals.

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Serrated Seals For Woven Polyester Strapping 61-K76
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Our Ferrari Packaging experts recommend that when using strapping to prepare and stabilise goods for transit or storage, strapping seals and buckles are often essential to ensure a tight seal for adequate strap tension. In most cases, low tension can be a factor which can lead to containers toppling and the items within becoming broken or damaged.

We are committed to supplying the UK with industrial packaging supplies to suit all your needs. We offer great bulk discounts and a vast array of goods, no matter your packaging needs; we will have the right materials for you.


Cost Effective Wholesale Packaging Supplies

Looking to cut costs on strapping? Polyester strapping is that it doesn’t rust, scratch or stain your packaging products. Polyester strapping also often has three times more strapping per reel, therefore your business could save money by moving to a polyester strapping solution.

This super strong and a wonderful alternative to steel strapping. This type of strapping is great pallet banding as well as heavy duty strapping applications, including:

  • securing rigid loads
  • bricks
  • timber
  • export cardboard boxes

A heavy duty polyester strapping has a tolerance which is often stronger than light steel and holds better thermal resistance. By using a polyester strapping solution, it will hold tension, keeping your products securer. Why not purchase your polyester strapping solution today with your Woven Corded Polyester Strapping Seals?


Why Should Your Business Use Woven & Non-woven Polyester Strapping?

 Is your business looking for an alternative to steel strapping?

Polyester strapping, also known as PET strap is almost 2x as strong as polypropylene. This strapping is essential to your business as the material is as resilient as steel and holds up to 25% higher tensioning.

Polyester strapping can be a safer method of strapping compared to steel, depending on working conditions.  Polyester strapping does not present a whiplash risk, nor does it have sharp edges. It is also lighter and easier to handle.

The Benefits of Polyester Strapping

  • Heavier polyester strapping is often stronger than lighter steel strapping 30% higher impact resistance than lighter steel
  • Polyester strapping retains its initial tension
  • Not rusting which means no damage to packages
  • No sharp edges

Polyester Strapping Tools

Any professional industrial business should apply materials like strapping with seals. Your business may need to invest in the correct strapping tools that will allow your business to strap pallets and cartons quickly, safely and securely.

Ferrari Packaging stocks everything your business may need, from tensioners, sealers, seals, and dispensers for polypropylene and steel strapping.

We can provide your business with everything you need to create strapping that will secure your pallets to the best of its ability.

Are you looking to bulk buy Woven Corded Polyester Strapping Seals from Ferrari Packaging and would like our advice before purchasing? With years of experience in the packaging industry we would be more than happy to help you decide which strapping solution is best for your business.   Call us today for more information or order by 3pm for next day delivery

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