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Steel Strapping

Steel strapping is ideal for industrial applications and securing heavy consignments with sharp angles. The lighter ribbon wound coils are ideal for smaller uses or lighter duties.

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Product name Code
Steel Strapping (19 x 0.5mm) 61-13
Steel Strapping (16 x 0.5mm x 800m) 61-99
Steel Strapping (16 x 0.5mm x 395m) 61-24
Steel Strapping (13 x 0.5mm x 395m) 61-28
Steel Strapping (13 x 0.5mm x 1010m) 61-31
Mill Wound Steel Strapping (19 x 0.5mm) 61-14

Steel Strapping


At Ferrari Packaging, we supply a variety of strapping products. From steel strapping, to strapping kits, we have it all. With over 50 years of experience in the packaging industry, we would love to help your business with their packaging supplies.

If you are new to the industry, then it is important for you to know what type of strapping is best for your business. Steel Strapping is the oldest of its kind and there are few strapping solutions that compare to its strength. Steel strapping is strong there it is used widely in the world of construction as it has the highest tensile strength of any strapping material.

If you are looking for strength over stretch, then we would advise that this would be your best choice for holding materials that must be held firmly in place. At Ferrari Packaging we provide high quality steel strapping for businesses that need to secure sharp edged, heavy loads.


What Does Strapping Do?

Strapping is worldwide in the packaging industry, securing everything from packaging to pallets. Strapping will make your employees life 10x easier as it is beneficial in a number of ways. Strapping can be used bundling items together which makes handling much easier, it can also be used for; attaching items to pallets and crates, strengthening cartons and boxes and securing goods together.

At Ferrari Packaging we offer all the strapping tools and accessories you need for strapping. We also can provide your business with strapping kits and machinery no matter how large or small your business is.


Wholesale Strapping kits

A strapping kit is a great place to start when you are investing in new strapping materials. With over 50 years’ experience in packaging supplies, your new  business should consider purchasing one of our steel strapping kits.

We have you covered. Save time browsing and buy a strapping kit at an affordable price. Each of our strapping kits contains all the strapping tools your business will need to get your business going. These kits include strapping, a tensioner tool and a sealer tool, seals, and with some options - a mobile strapping trolley.


Strapping tools

Having a professional strapping strategy in place is important to the success of your business. No matter what type of strapping your business is using we can supply your business with the correct tools.

Make your business more efficient with the right technology. Machine power in construction is often much stronger than man power and when your business is using the correct tools it will save your employees time and make your business much more productive.

Our Ferrari packaging tools and accessories are more not only easy to use, but are suitable for light to heavy duty packaging. Make your business more efficient with faster strapping. We supply everything you need at Ferrari Packaging including.

We would be more than happy to your business with strapping, steel strapping tools and strapping accessories. One of expert packaging team members can help you today. Contact us now.

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