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Steel Strapping Kits

A range of steel strapping supplies starter kits which is an economical introduction to steel strapping. The steel strapping kits contain everything you need to start using steel strapping including a steel strapping dispenser.

Steel strapping is traditionally the strongest form of strapping and is commonly used within the construction industry. Buy steel strapping from Ferrari Packaging in bulk today.

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Heavy Duty Steel Strapping Kit 61-SCSSK
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Steel Strapping

By investing in our steel strapping kits you will be equipped with all the tools you need to undertake steel strapping with ease.

Steel strapping is the oldest material used when strapping products, and it’s also one of the most recycled products, in America, 88% of all steel is recycled making this  product a great choice for industries looking to reduce their environmental impact. Use steel when strapping:

  • Heavyweight loads.
  • Loads with corners or sharp edges.
  • Loads which must not shift and require strapping with no stretch.
  • Construction materials such as bricks.
  • Items which are being stored outside over long periods of time.

For other applications, a different strapping material might be better suited such as corded polyester strapping which can be cut with scissors and is 6 times lighter than steel. We also offer polypropylene strapping which is ideal for medium weight loads.

Steel Strapping Dispenser

A steel strapping dispenser is a great piece of equipment for businesses who often need to strap steel by hand. When working in the packaging industry it’s important t have a streamlines packaging strategy that allows your staff to work safely, yet quickly.


  • Durable yet lightweight piece of equipment.
  • On wheels so can be transported with ease around the warehouse.
  • Convenient tool box to store steel strapping seals and tools.
  • Makes strapping quicker and improves overall efficiency.
  • Eliminates dangerous strapping being strewn on the floor.

Steel Strapping Tool

Those who have a limited power supply in their warehouse will benefit greatly from strapping steel by hand. As the strongest material on the market there still hasn’t been a material that has overtaken steel in tensile strength.  Steel strapping has stood the test of time and continues to be a popular packaging material.


Steel Strapping Safety Cutter

Working with steel strapping can be dangerous unless handles properly, our specialist steel strapping cutters are designed to grip the strap in place to  avoid injury.

Heavy Duty Steel Strapping Tensioner

When strapping products, the tighter it is tensioned, the more secure the load is. Use steel strapping tensioners to ensure the strap is tight around the load. Simply feed through the strapping. The tensioner tool pulls the strapping tighter when the handle is operated.

Heavy Duty Sealer for Steel Strapping

Use the steel sealer to join the tensioned straps together with steel strapping seals to ensure the products do not come loose across the supply chain.

Steel Strapping Health and Safety Tips

  • Never nail strapping
  • Keep the floor uncluttered
  • Only use strapping tools for their dedicated purpose
  • Only use strapping to secure loads, never use it as a handle as this can injure the user
  • Always wear safety gloves and glasses when handling steel strapping.


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