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Steel Strapping Tools

A range of strapping tools for use with steel strapping including tensioners, sealers and safety cutters.

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Steel Strapping Safety Cutter 61-SSC06
Heavy Duty Steel Strapping Tensioner 61-FP
Heavy Duty Sealer For Steel Strapping 61-SAS19
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What is strapping?

Strapping is the process of securing, reinforcing or fastening loads using different strap materials. These materials include steel, polyester and polypropylene. Strapping is often used in the shipping, storage and transit to keep items together safely. Strapping together goods is also a safety precaution when the materials are stored in racks.  If you don’t bundle your material, there is a chance that one or more pieces could fall from height and injure somebody.

Failing to strap items can lead to damaged stock, injury and poor customer relations. There have been instances where entire pallets of goods have been destroyed due to inefficient strapping.

Of course, different strapping material is better for different applications so choosing the right strapping for your purpose is important.  Before purchasing strapping ask yourself:

  • What type of product being strapped?
  • What is the weight of that product?
  • How much the product will be moved around while strapped?
  • How long the product will remain in strapping?

Steel Strapping

Steel strapping is ideal for industrial applications and securing heavy consignments with sharp angles. The lighter ribbon wound coils are ideal for smaller uses or lighter duties. This material is the oldest type of strapping but is still commonly used, this shows that great products can stand the test of time. There isn’t another strapping material being used to replace steel yet.

It is often used in the building and construction industry where heavyweight products must be secured, such as bricks. Steel strapping does not elongate so holds heavy duty loads securely.

Steel strapping has a high UV resistance and does not corrode in sunlight, this is ideal for goods that are being stored outdoors, again such as building sites.

If you are unitizing items which have sharp angles, steel is a great material as the edges will not damage the material. Other more lightweight strapping materials Ferrari Packaging sells at wholesale prices are woven polyester strapping and polypropylene strapping.

Steel Strapping Tools

Hand strapping tools are a great option for companies who do not strap with steel often or have a limited power supply. Though fairly rudimentary compared to certain technological advances these tools are still widely used and extremely effective.

Steel Strapping Safety Cutter

Use steel strapping cutters to safely handle the strapping. Their rubber grips help hold the strap in place avoiding injury.

Heavy Duty Steel Strapping Tensioner

The tighter the strap is tensioned, the more secure your pallet or load will be. Use tensioners to ensure the strap is secured tightly around the load when storing goods or sending them in transit.

Heavy Duty Sealer for Steel Strapping

Use the steel sealer to join the tensioned straps together to ensure the products do not come loose across the supply chain. The cutter is used to cut the correct length of strap.

Steel Strapping Health and Safety Tips

  • Never nail strapping
  • Keep the floor uncluttered
  • Only use strapping tools for their dedicated purpose
  • Only use strapping to secure loads, never use it as a handle
  • Always wear safety gloves when handling steel strapping.
  • Always wear safety glasses when handling steel strapping
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