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Steel Strapping Dispensers

Benefits of steel strapping dispensers

  • Mobile steel strapping dispensers make the application of strapping quicker and easier.
  • The steel strapping dispensers are fully mobile so you can transport in your warehouse to wherever the strapping is required.

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What is strapping?

Strapping is the method of applying a strap to items to reinforce, fasten or hold the items together. When sending your company’s goods in transit it’s vital they are secured in order to adhere to health and safety laws. Well strapped loads are vital to ensure the safety of your staff is upheld when handling items. We offer strapping, strapping dispensers and polypropylene strapping tools.

What type of strapping is there?

  • Steel is the oldest form of strapping and is often used to secure heavy duty products as it has minimal stretch and maximum strength. Steel strapping supplies have excellent UV resistance and ideal for industrial use, such as securing heaving items with sharp angles.
  • Polyester strapping offers a lower cost per foot compared to steel and does not carry the same risk of staining. It is much lighter than traditional steel strapping. Polyester strapping has very good break strength and excellent corrosion resistance.
  • Polypropylene hand strapping is the economical way to secure parcels, bundles and light pallets. It is naturally very flexible and is able to mould to contours of unconventional or shaped packages. Polypropylene offers excellent corrosion resistance.

What strapping is right for me?

Choosing the right strapping equipment is a major consideration for business owners.  Different products require types of strap and strapping equipment.  Before purchasing your strapping companies must consider what you are packaging, as every package is unique, you may find your company will need to invest in more than one type of strapping.

For better elongation, polypropylene is a good choice. For break-strength stainless steel and high tensile strapping are better. It’s vital to understand your product and the strapping attributes before assigning a type of strapping.

Steel Strapping Dispensers

A strapping dispenser trolley is usually utilised when steel strapping by hand. These dispensers are mobile allowing them to be wheeled with ease to wherever they are needed in the warehouse. The steel strapping dispensers from Ferrari Packaging come with a tool tray in which to store everything you need within easy reach, these items include strapping seals, buckles and tools.

  • A strapping dispenser avoids the frustration of untangling coiled strapping and limits the risk of accidents due to loose strapping being strewn across the floor.
  • Using a steel strapping dispenser improves efficiency of strapping and increases productivity.
  • Our steel strapping dispenser has heavy duty rubber wheels for durability and easy mobility of steel strapping and banding in your warehouse.

If strapping using polypropylene, semi and automatic poly strapping machines can be an efficient alternative to hand strapping. Strapping machines tend to be used in companies that incorporate a large volume of strapping using polyester and polypropylene as their speed allow for increased productivity.

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