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Foam Wrap

Cell-Aire® foam wrap is a clean, lightweight material to protect against scratching, marring and abrasion. The moisture resistant Cell-Aire® foam is non-abrasive and non-corrosive to offer protection to delicate surfaces. Extremely flexible and can be used on a number of applications.
Available in 5 different thicknesses and can be slit to suit your requirements.

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Product name Code
Cell-Aire® Foam Wrap (1500mm x 75m) 19-02
Cell-Aire® Foam Wrap (1500mm x 300m) 19-13
Cell-Aire® Foam Wrap (1500mm x 300m) 19-07
Cell-Aire® Foam Wrap (1500mm x 200m) 19-06D
Cell-Aire® Foam Wrap (1500mm x 120m) 19-09
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Foam Wrap


At Ferrari Packaging we stock foam wrap rolls, made from lightweight, moisture resistant Cell-Aire® foam is non-abrasive and non-corrosive to offer protection to delicate surfaces. This type of foam wrap is ideal for protecting a variety of items in transit or storage.

This type of foam can be carefully wrapped around more delicate stock which will prevent scuffs and scratches. Not only can foam wrap be used on smaller items it can protect heavier items from impact damage.

Looking for a robust and flexible protective packaging solution? Ferrari Packaging packing foam adapts to the shape of the product you are using so there is no need to invest in lots of different solutions. Avoid water damage and protect your stock with our most efficient foam wrap.

Filling & Cushioning Packaging

At Ferrari Packaging we supply a range of cushioning and filling packaging that your business will need to protect its stock.


·       AirCap Bubble Bags

·       AirCap Bubble Wrap

·       Economy Bubble Wrap

·       Foam Wrap

·       Furni-Soft

·      Loosefill Chips


Foam Wrap and Protective Packaging


Making sure your stock gets to its destination in one piece is a challenging task for a number of industries. Damages can be costly and businesses who cut costs on packaging often end up paying out more in replacing broken items.

Therefore, getting your packaging solutions right is important if you want to keep your business’ reputation. Before you go ahead and buy generic packaging, have a think about enclosing and protecting during transport and storage.


Benefits of Foam Wrap

Foam Packaging is one our most popular protective packaging methods due to its versatility. There are numerous benefits of Foam Packaging. Some of these are mentioned below:

  • Lightweight: Foam isn’t an unusual material to use for packaging. As you can imagine, foam wrap is very light therefore it can be easily transported.

The lighter your packages are the less chance of damage. If you run an ecommerce business and your package is being sent by post, due to its weigh, the cost of the overall load is minimised.

  • Versatility: As we have mentioned this protective packaging can be used in a number of industries for a number of items. The foam can also be designed according to structure of the product.
  • Strength: Foam wrap may be light in weight, however, it is very strong. This strength means that the stock wrapped inside it stay protected from damages.
  • Great for Transportation: Foam has shock absorbent properties and will ensure safety even if there is a jerk during transportation. Saving your business cost in faulty stock and damages.
  • Reusable: Foam can be easily reused and turned into different shapes and structures.



 Are you looking to bulk buy foam wrap from Ferrari Packaging and would like our advice before purchasing? With years of experience in the packaging industry we would be more than happy to help you decide which strapping solution is best for your business.   Call us today for more information.

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