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Furni-Soft is specifically designed to protect furniture from knocks, scuffs and abrasion. Furni-Soft is constructed with bubble material laminated to LDPE film with an extra gentle, non-abrasive layer to offer advanced protection to even the most delicate furniture surfaces. Ideal for use by furniture retailers, antique dealers and removal companies.

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Jiffy Furni-Soft™ (1200mm x 100m) 43-66A
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Furni-soft and Furni-guard can be used as an alternative method of bubble wrapping, that will enhance guard for furniture products.

Furni-soft is the newest addition to the Furni range. This product is specifically made with the intention of protecting furniture with delicate surfaces. Furni-soft will reduce the chance that your packages will suffer from knocks, scuffs and abrasion.

Furnisoft has all the protective qualities of Furni-guard‚ but has an extra, non-abrasive layer. This is a modern alternative to businesses who need a cover for furniture that has a professional presentation and protection.


What Are the Benefits of Protective Packaging?

When investing in new packaging solutions like cardboard boxes and tape, have a think about the impact which these packages may face during transit or storage.

By investing in the right protective packaging your business is avoiding product damage and protecting them against tampering or altering while they are out of your businesses hands. This type of damage will lead to increased costs for replacing goods. This type of damage will result in chain of unproductive working in different layers of your business that will include: manufacturing, shipping, and labour, that will all have to manage the replacement of the damages.

With regards to what happens to the damaged stock? When a product needs to be replaced and re-distributed, the faulty, damaged item is then returned and disposed of and the business’ carbon footprint multiplies.

The packaging that a brand uses can say a lot about the brand itself. Packaging can be put unde as a form of customer care and will show your customers that your business protects its stock from the warehouse to their front door or shop.

Look after your brands reputation by employing professional packaging supplies that have quality that is built to last.



Furni-soft at Ferrari Packaging


Furni-soft is a great option for smaller retail business who are looking to protect them in store stock. Furni-soft will give your products a durable protective wrap as a cost effective price. Give your business a professional edge by investing Furni-soft.

This non-abrasive solution is made of woven polypropylene layer and offers advanced protection to even the most delicate and valuable furniture. The soft properties of the woven side keep the furniture unscratched – however it is strong and cannot be punctured.

Furni-soft is perfect for furniture supplies and businesses and is often used by antique dealers, to protect very precious goods. Furni-soft is specifically designed to protect furniture on a a greater level. Furni-soft offers furniture protection against bumps and scrapes.

Furnisoft is built to last and is a great alternative to bubble wrap, and unprofessional wool blankets. Another benefit of this handy product is that, It is supplied on rolls that can be cut to size and reused.

Our packaging supplies Glasgow can equip your business  with everything it needs for safe and secure packaging. If you would like more advice on which protective packaging your business should adapt to, we would be more than happy to help over the phone.

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