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Plastic Edge Protectors

Benefits of Plastic edge protectors:

  • Reduce damage to products from strapping.
  • Quick and easy to apply.
  • No need to protect the whole item, which means excess materials are reduced.
  • Minimal material and cost allow for maximum level of protection.
  • Reusable to reduce cost.
  • Recyclable.


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Product name Code
Super Large Plastic Edge Protectors (48 x 42mm) 51-CPL-X
Small Plastic Edge Protectors (28 x 25mm) 51-CPS
Small Embossed Plastic Edge Protectors (28 x 25mm) 51-CPS-E
Large Plastic Edge Protectors (37 x 32mm) 51-CPL
Large Plastic Edge Protector With Spike (37 x 32mm) 51-CPL-S
Extra Large Plastic Edge Protectors (57 x 48mm) 51-CPX
Corrugated Corner Protectors (80 x 80 x 80mm) 51-CPC80
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Plastic edge protectors

The packaging industry prides itself on protecting the goods though many only package their items with one layer of packaging material an forget that secondary dimensions are available to further protect your items. By investing in low cost, wholesale products your items will enjoy superior protection and your outgoings will be reduced as stock loss risks decline.

Throughout the supply chain your items come under a plethora of hazards that are out with your control. The edges of packaged items are the most vulnerable and damage is most likely to occur her, plastic edge protectors will give you piece of mind that your items are highly protected.

Here at Glasgow-based Ferrari Packaging, we ship plastic edge protectors throughout the UK to assist you with all your packaging needs throughout the supply chain.

Why use plastic edge protectors?

Protecting the edges of fragile items is one of the most important aspects of packaging products. This is especially important if using strapping to package your goods. Our plastic edge protectors strengthen the load and reinforce he edges from the stress of corded polyester strapping.

Our strapping protectors are a low cost, yet durable way to safeguard your items against damage and dents. Without the proper protection, these damages can lead to time consuming and costly refunds or returns. We also stock foam edge protectors and a variety of others to ensure you have superior edge protection for all your items.

Plastic edge protectors also act as a useful guide to help thread and tension the strapping securely, this reduces labour time and increases efficiency whilst enhancing the aesthetic appearance of your packaged items. We stock seven different sizes, perfect for your varying packaging needs.

For items that are being shipped or stored over a long period of time, plastic edge protectors act as a stabiliser and prevent cardboard from crushing, allowing them to be stacked easier and for longer periods of time. Our black PVC edge protectors are waterproof and can be used for items that will be exposed to moisture.

What industries can benefit from plastic strapping edge protectors?

  • Electronics
  • Furniture
  • Other consumer goods
  • Automotive
  • Other industrial goods

Plastic edge protectors are a wonderful secondary dimension to your packaging strategy, though it’s important you invest correctly in quality initial materials that provide the first layer of protection. Consider purchasing bulk bubble wrap to act as a waterproof cushioning layer before placing your goods in boxes. Ferrari Packaging offers single and double wall cardboard boxes, perfect for protecting your items.The corrugated layer protects against vibrations during transit and also insulates the goods from climatic changes.

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