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Perforated Solid Board Edge Protectors

Perforated solid board edge protectors are a low-cost, environmentally responsible alternative for protecting box edges against damage from strapping, enhanced load stability and void bridging for uniform palletisation.

The edge protectors have perforations every 200mm so you can quickly reduce them to a shorter length as and when you need to, eliminating the time spent cutting traditional edge protectors. The edge protectors are 100% recyclable.

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Product name Code
Perforated Edge Protectors (80 x 80 x 1200mm) 51-97A
Perforated Edge Protectors (50 x 50 x 1200mm) 51-97B
Moisture Resistant Edge Protector (35 x 35 x 1000mm) 51-86B

Perforated Solid Board Edge Protectors

Is your business looking for a low-cost way to protect the edges of goods for transit and/or storage Perforated Solid Board Edge Protectors are a great option?

Perforated Solid Board Edge Protectors can be applying to guard the edges of white goods and kitchen appliances such as dishwashers and washing machines.

This is a useful product to have in your ware house or industrial are as Perforated Solid Board Edge Protectors can also be used to reinforce and brace pallet structures and the corners of corrugated boxes.

Our Ferrari Packaging Perforated Solid Board Edge Protectors will be beneficial to your business as they are both economical and environmentally friendly.

What industries can benefit from edge protectors?


  • Electronics
  • Furniture
  • Other consumer goods
  • Automotive


Environmentally Friendly

This product is an environmentally friendly alternative to foam edge protection.

Cardboard is one of the most recycled materials on earth. By recycling cardboard packaging is has a ripple effect which actually reduces energy that is used in other resources. Cardboard is one of the best materials to use for eco-friendly packaging as it can be made from 100% recycled materials. .

Cardboard and corrugated material can also be n be disposed easily as there are often separate areas for them to be recycled, they are also biodegradable which means if they are not reused they can be put back into the land.


Solid board edge protectors are a low cost yet strong packaging material as they are made from compressed recycled cardboard. This also allows you to re-use them time after time.

Buying in bulk could also save your business money. Most packaging products will cost less when you buy them in bulk. An advantage of buying in bulk it that your business will be prepared for large orders and your customers will not be delayed.

Benefits of edge protectors:

  • Saved money on damages to products
  • Reduced stock loss
  • Reduction of material used as only the vulnerable edges are covered.
  • Maximum protection

We are experts in protective packaging and one of the best ways you can protect your goods during transit is to invest in the correct materials. Edge protectors are an excellent choice as they will reduce the likelihood of damage.

 The edges of your goods tend to be the most vulnerable throughout the supply chain and edge protectors from Ferrari packaging are designed specifically to protect your load, stabilise your goods and reinforce pallets.

Ensuring you invest in high-quality packaging materials is a great way to protect your products. Our double wall cardboard boxes provide an extra layer of the corrugated card which acts as a shock absorber when goods are being shipped. We deliver throughout Scotland and the rest of the UK in order to fulfil all your packaging needs.  

Contact us today to discuss your requirements with our helpful staff, we are always thrilled to hear from our customers.

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