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Nomafoam is a versatile and resilient non-abrasive foam. The U channel foam provides excellent protection to worktops and furniture corner edges.

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Product name Code
NomaFoam U Channel (5 - 15mm x 2m) 51-127
NomaFoam U Channel (45 - 60mm x 2m) 51-12A
NomaFoam U Channel (35 - 45mm x 2m) 51-67
NomaFoam U Channel (25 - 35mm x 2m) 51-10K
NomaFoam U Channel (15 -25mm x 2m) 51-10A
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Nomafoam is a versatile and resilient non-abrasive foam. The U channel foam provides excellent protection to worktops and furniture corner edges.

What is Nomafoam?

Nomafoam is a strong cushioning foam, which is often used to protect packaging. Nomafoam comes in a range of densities and shapes. At Ferrari Packaging we provide Nomafoam that will cover many requirements.

Nomafoam is a cost effective solution as it can be extruded directly to shape, making sure that there is hardly any excess in the manufacturing process. If your business is looking for a low cost efficient protective packaging solution, Nomafoam could be a brilliant solution for your organisation.

If necessary, we work with NMC to design and specify bespoke extrusions to meet special customer needs. The standard colour is blue but for large usages the customer can specify their own colour.


Benefits of Foam Packaging

Foam Packaging is one of the most used methods of protective packaging and is seen to be a cost effective technique for many companies.  Foam packaging can be beneficial in a number of ways as it has a number of qualities that are great for business.

  • Nomafoam is lighter than other protective packaging. Foam material is lightweight, making it easily transportable. This reduces staffing as not as many staff are needed to carry packages that are wrapped with nomafoam.
  • Nomafoam is one of the most adaptable forms of packaging and can be designed according to structure of the product.
  • Nomafoam is not only light but it is strong, due to the strength of this packaging solution the product in side will stay safe from potential damages.
  • This packaging solution is also shock absorbent as foam has excellent shock absorbent property. Therefore, makes it a great alternative to less flexible protection and even if there is any movement to the package during transportation, the product will stay safe.
  • This mouldable material can be easily shaped. Nomafoam can be structured into rolls, sheets, chips, et. Therefore, it can also be recycled!

Wholesale Packaging Supplies

At Ferrari Packaging we everything you need for storage and transit packaging. From corrugated cardboard boxes to industrial stretch wrap. Once you have purchased your Nomafoam, we suggest that you evaluate the strength and sustainability of your other packaging supplies.

Our business supplies boxes that can be used with Nomafoam therefore it may be best to call us before purchasing so we can give the best advice over the phone. If you are new to the packaging industry, buying from one source means that the packaging process is simplified and you will be able to get your stock out quicker.

Protective Packaging at Ferrari Packaging

We supply are range of protective packaging methods here at Ferrari packaging and on average, each day we handle fifty different items of packaging a day. Supplying your customers with well packaged products means that customer satisfaction will rise and there is less opportunity for your business to lose money on damaged or broken products.

Whether your packages require cushioning, filling and protecting, if you are not sure what is the right solution for you, we would be happy to help you over the phone and we can identify your business’ protective packaging needs.


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