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Centre Fold Sheeting

Polythene sheeting, centre folded for easy handling, ideal for protecting goods from moisture and dust.

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Product name Code
Multi Folded Sheeting (1m opening to 4m) 20-81F
Centre Folded Sheeting (2.58m opening to 5.08m) 20-SF0600
Centre Folded Sheeting (1m opening to 2m) 20-81C
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Centre Fold Sheeting


With over fifty years in the industry, Ferrari Packaging stock only the best packaging solution. We would be more than happy to help you choose a tubing and sheeting option for your business. From polythene layflat tubing to centre fold sheeting, we have everything you need! Here is a selection of our packaging products below.  


Uses of Centre Fold Sheeting

Firstly, let’s look at one of our most popular sheeting products - Polythene Centre Fold Sheeting. This type of sheeting is used in the construction and removals industry. It can be used to protect pallets or to protect large items like sofas and chairs. Another popular use of centre fold sheeting is that it is used to protect flooring, builders use this to stop any damage coming to the flooring and painters do the same to keep away paint.

Wrapping your pallet or packaging in our centre fold sheeting will help keep out any dirt, dust or moisture, protecting your products and keeping your customers happy.

We can provide Centre Fold Sheeting Wholesale if you are looking to purchase our products in bulk.


Layflat Tubing

Looking for sheeting and tubing? Layflat tubing is normally  used in industrial environments to protect a range of products. It can also be used with a heat sealer to create bespoke sized clear polythene bags. At Ferrari Packaging we stock a range of Layflat Tubing and have options in light, medium and heavy duty polythene.

In the past you may have heard Layflat tubing referred to as LFT. LFT is available in sizes up to 39” and as long as 420m. It’s a continuous length of polythene that can make bags of any size, or be used to protect products from dirt or dust as well as long term storage of items. You can wrap the tubing around a product packaging to keep it in perfect condition.

LFT is polythene tubing which is wound up onto a roll for continuous use, attach your layflat tubing onto our layflat tubing dispenser and working with the tubing increases efficiency in the workplace.

If you package items that are unusual lengths but a fixed width then layflat tubing is an ideal solution for you, simply place your item inside the tubing, cut the tubing where the item ends and seal. Layflat tubing can also be used as an extra layer to protect products during transit, it’s dirt, dust moisture and tear resistant so you can ensure your products are safe.


Layflat Tubing Dispensers

Ferrari Packaging also supplies layflat tubing dispensers which can make working with your layflat tubing a lot easier. If you plan on working with LFT on a regular basis, then we highly suggest our layflat tubing dispenser.


 Are you looking to bulk buy tubing and sheeting from Ferrari Packaging and would like our advice before purchasing? With years of experience in the packaging industry we would be more than happy to help you decide which strapping solution is best for your business.   Call us today for more information.

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