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Shrink Wrap

Benefits of Shrink Wrap

  • Protects your goods from environmental factors such as dirt, water and dust
  • Your item should suffer no damage when shrink wrapped correctly
  • Goods will not be able to be scratched when covered in shrink wrap
  • Your items will be tamper proof without evidence
  • Shrink wrap is low cost to ship
  • This material does not take up a lot of storage space and can be bought and bulk to be used when needed
  • Shrink wrap is 100% recyclable and ideal for companies who look to reduce their environmental impact
  • Lightweight material compared to corrugated alternatives

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Shrink Pallet Cover (1300/2550 x 2050mm) 20-SB1212
Shrink Pallet Cover (1300/2550 x 1950mm) 20-SB1210
Ripack Shrink Gun 2200 23-99
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What is Shrink Wrap?

Shrink film is a packaging material made from polymer plastic. It shrinks when heat is applied and creates a tight seal over whatever it’s covering. Commonly shrink wrap is used for:

  • Palletisation
  • Books
  • Soaps
  • Food packaging

The shrink wrap is placed over the items and then heat is applied with a specialist heat machine, there are different methods to heat the shrink film including a heat gun which releases steam or a shrink tunnel, where product flows through and is heated that way.

Shrink wrap can be used to protect small items such as single toys, but is also used in the industrial packaging industry to palletise loads.  LDPE shrink wrapping films can be used to protect products and pallets during transit and storage from dust, dirt and water.

Shrink pallet covers from Ferrari Packaging make a great solution for protecting your goods because they offer transparent all weather protection. Your pallets will be easily identified and remain clean and dust free. Pallet covers on a perforated roll can be torn off easily for use.

Ferrari Packaging’s shrink covers are made from a high strength shrink grade polyethene. Shrink wrap pallet covers are a low cost way to protect your items if they’re being stored outside and the tear off rolls make them extremely easy to use.

How do I use shrink wrap to protect my pallet?

To secure your load, cover the whole load with shrink film, ensuring you have enough access to the underside of the load. Ensure the shrink wrap cover is pulled underneath the load. Ferrari Packaging also stock shrink wrap guns in order to seal the load with ease.  The wrap needs to reach 300 degrees Fahrenheit to properly shrink the film. Hairdryers will not suffice at shrinking the film!

Our shrink wrap pallet covers come in two convenient sizes to suit your needs, and you can even order for next day delivery (ex stock only).

Can I use stretch wrap instead?

Shrink wrap is better suited for holding loads together for transportation purposes.  Stretch wrap is less expensive than other types of pallet wrapping. Shrink film is ideally used to protect your good from the elements. Ferrari packaging stock wholesale stretch wrap  that can be delivered throughout the UK at a low cost. Contact us today to discuss your specific packaging needs, our expert staff has over 60 years’ experience and are always happy to help customers.



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