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Polythene Mailer Bags

Benefits of Mailer Bags

  • Available in 6 sizes
  • Self-seal strip
  • Waterproof

Made from lightweight, strong and waterproof polythene with a permanent self-seal strip. Ideal for dispatching soft goods, textiles or boxed products through the postal system.


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Product name Code
Blue Opaque Mailer Bags (711mm x 589mm + 40mm) 20-141
Blue Opaque Mailer Bags (483mm x 737mm + 40mm) 20-140
Blue Opaque Mailer Bags (432mm x 559mm + 40mm) 20-448
Blue Opaque Mailer Bags (330mm x 483mm + 40mm) 20-138
Blue Opaque Mailer Bags (305mm x 405mm + 40mm) 20-447
Blue Opaque Mailer Bags (242mm x 346mm + 40mm) 20-138D
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Polythene Products for Mailing

The rise in e-commerce in recent years has meant we are shipping more items than ever before. In order to ensure great customer relations, it’s vital the products you send your items in are going to protect the goods inside.

Customers   who received well-packaged products are likely to shop with you again, failing to do this might be detrimental to your long-term success.

Here at Ferrari Packaging we stock a range of items that will allow you to post your items safely and securely, all at low wholesale prices.

Polythene mailing bags are an ideal solution to pesky shipping costs, their lightweight construction means the package will hardly weigh any extra though it will achieve superior protection from the hazards of transit.

Polythene mailer bags

Our polythene mailer bags are durable ye lightweight; the ideal construction for protecting your goods when being shipped.  Use polythene when sending a multitude of items in transit;

  • Soft goods.
  • Textiles
  • Non-waterproof boxes.

What’s more, our mailer bags come in a variety of sizes to suit your unique applications. Choose a different bag for different quantities of stock to guarantee the best protection.

Secure your Items when Shipping

  • Each wholesale mailing supply bag comes with a self-seal strip which is easy to use and will stay sealed once in place giving you peace of mind over the security of your items. This fastening is a sure way to know if any items have been tampered with during delivery.
  • Our polythene bags are completely opaque which mean the items can’t be viewed until the package is open. This will deter thieves and reduce the likelihood of your gods being tampered with during shipping.
  • Our mailer bags are 100% waterproof which will secure your items from any rainfall or cold weather that may occur before the package reaches its destination. This is especially important as the UK has some of the most unpredictable weather available!
  • Each mailer bag is made of durable polythene which makes it difficult to tear or puncture. If you’re sending important items in the post you can have confidence they will arrive safely and undisturbed from dust, dirt and water damage.
  • We know how important the safety of your goods is, our mailers will not burst if overfilled though stock six convenient sizes to accommodate the different package sizes you may send. It’s best practice not to over-fill your mailer envelope as this does increase the chance of damages occurring.

Other Postal Items

We know our customers are sending a range of items in the post these days so have expanded our range to include:

Padded Postal Bags

These are strong enough to securely package heavyweight items such as tools. They are recyclable and reusable with high burst strength.

Bubble Lined Postal Bags

These act as great insulators to the items inside and protect your goods from the shocks and vibrations of the road

Postal Tubes

Our postal tubes come in a variety of coloured papers and have the option of having a plastic end postal tube caps or a pinched end closure.



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