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Specialist Tapes

Specialist Tapes

Specialist Tapes

Specialist tapes in the packaging industry

When taping in the packaging industry it’s important you consider the specific needs of your company and what type of tapes suit these best. Domestic tape will not suffice at protecting your goods as the adhesion is inferior to specifically designed industrial packaging tape.

Crossweaved  and Mono Reinforced Tape

Crossweave and Mono reinforced tape is constructed with glass fibre filaments – this stops the tape from ripping, splitting and tearing. Reinforced tape is also effective in multiple climates and is weave tape is resistant to humidity and temperature changes – this is why reinforced tape is especially beneficial when you are sealing packages that contain export goods.

Crossweave reinforced tape is great for packaging due to its high break strength. Reinforced tape cannot be torn with your hand and must be cut using a sharp knife or a tape dispenser.  This is great for heavy duty packaging needs and theft prevention. Due to the strength of these reinforced tapes they can be used for fastening palletised loads and binding frames or metal poles.

If you are looking for extra precaution, then a reinforced tape is so strong and reliable solution. Reinforced tape is great value for money as the adhesion it can deliver is of the highest standard and it can even be used to strap or bundle cartons together. If you are an export business this adhesive tape is vital for your packaging procedures. 

Crossweave and mono reinforced tape can be used on a variety of surfaces including;

  • Paper
  • Board
  • Plastic

Duct Tape

Duct tape has been used at industrial level for years due to its ability to resist water, which is due to its polyethylene layer

 It is the section of the tape which is the most important as it is water-resistant. Duct Tape was given its name as it can repel water and therefore links to the saying and reference “like water off a duck’s back”.

Duct tape has multi functions and it is a wonderful packaging tape.  As duct is comprised of three layers it offers long lasting hold and tear resistance. Buy duct tape online from Ferrari Packaging, we deliver throughout the UK to guarantee all your packaging needs.

Masking Tape

When looking for a tape that provides temporary protection then masking tape is the ideal solution for you. Masking tape is an excellent low cost packaging tape which is especially good for use when painting or decorating. Masking tape offers good adhesion to most surfaces and will remove easily without leaving a residue.

We are wholesale packaging tape suppliers and offer great, competitive prices. Masking tape is a versatile product which requires no aid to tear. It can be easily torn by hand and the water resistant surface can be written on. This is ideal for those who need to leave instructions for handlers throughout the supply chain.

We supply masking tape of different sizes and lengths, perfect for your individual taping needs. Masking tape is a great investment for your business of warehouse as it can be used for a variety of things including:

Masking tape is ideal for:

  • Sealing lighter packing
  • Bundling
  • Holding
  • Sealing
  • Surface protection
  • Painting mask
  • Spraying mask
  • Stencilling mask
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