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Steel Strapping & Tools

Steel Strapping & Tools


Steel is the strongest material that is used in the packaging industry. It’s used for heavy duty wrapping and packaging and is best used where no stretch is required. Steel strapping enjoys excellent UV resistance and ideal for industrial use, such as securing heaving items with sharp angles. Steel banding remains extremely popular as no other material holds strong loads as well.

Polypropylene strapping is ideal for smaller loads, but steel strapping and it's corroborating equipment is best when strength is needed that poly strapping simply can’t provide.

What tools do I need?

Steel Strapping Dispenser

If your warehouse straps using steel by hand then investing in a steel strapping dispenser from Ferrari Packaging is a great choice. Each dispenser has robust rubber wheels which ensure ease of mobility throughout your warehouse. This is beneficial as it means you do not have to carry heavy loads to be strapped, but rather than bring the strapping wherever you may need it.

Our strapping dispensers also enjoy a handy tool tray in which you can keep everything you need in close range such as; tensioners, seals, and cutters.

Steel Strapping Kit

We offer a great range of steel strapping supplies starter kits which are an economical introduction to steel strapping. The steel strapping kits contain everything you need to start using steel strapping including a steel strapping dispenser and tools. Strapping in this manner improves productivity as your strapping materials are highly organised.

Steel Strapping

Steel strapping comes in different sizes to suit your needs, at Ferrari packaging we delivery throughout Scotland and the UK to ensure your packaging needs are met. We offer steel strapping in six different sizes all at competitive prices. We also stock polypropylene hand strapping and corded polyester strapping.

Steel Strapping Tensioner, Seal, and Cutter

Manual hand tools are a great way to help apply steel strapping, they are the most basic option but still widely used. Manual steel strapping tools are the ideal choice for companies who do not need to strap steel often or have limited sources of power. 

Tensioners are an easy method of tightening strapping around the load. The tighter the strap the more secure the load will be. This is extremely important when sending your goods in transit.

Use the steel sealer to join the tensioned straps together to ensure the products do not come lose across the supply chain. The cutter is used to cut the correct length of strap. It’s important to invest in industrial steel strapping cutters as they help promote health and safety in the workplace.

Working with steel strapping can be dangerous as it can spring out of position and injure the operator. Steel cutters assist with this problem as their rubber pads hold the strapping in place.

Steel Strapping Health and Safety Tips

  • Never nail strapping
  • Keep the floor uncluttered
  • Only use strapping tools for their dedicated purpose
  • Only use strapping to secure loads, never use it as a handle
  • Always wear  safety gloves when handling steel strapping.
  • Always wear safety glasses when handling steel strapping




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