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Steel Strapping Seals

Strapping seals are essential accessories for securing steel strapping. 

The steel strapping seals range includes lapover seals.

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Lapover Seals For Steel Strapping 61-LAP13

Steel Strapping Seals

Lap over seals are the ideal solution for those who strap their goods using steel strapping to secure their loads and pallets. Each lap over seal provided by Ferrari Packaging is made from high-quality steel to ensure an effective joint is created. We take great pride in bringing our customers the highest quality steel strapping accessories and always meet or exceed manufacturing specifications.

Benefits of lap over seals

  • Ensure alignment of strapping
  • Secure steel strap
  • Withstand higher stress than other types of strapping seals.
  • Durable material for a secure joint
  • Ideal for heavy duty applications

Overlap strapping seals are used when the nose of the tensioner is butted against the seal. These seals must be threaded before using the tension tool and can withstand stronger tension. Apply with our steel strapping toolkit.

We stock overlap seals suitable for the most commonly purchased steel strapping sizes. What’s more, we’re wholesale packaging specialist so always guarantee low cost, economical prices.

What is strapping?

In the packaging industry, strappings is the method of using different strapping materials to reinforce pallets, hold items together or fasten packages. It is used commonly in the shipping and transport industry and stops items shifting when in transit.

Failing to use the correct strapping material could lead to whole pallets being destroyed, not only costing your company costly stock loss, but could result in injury to workers and violations of health and safety laws.

Different companies will need different strapping for their unique applications. It’s important you choose the right strapping material for your needs.

Steel Strapping

Steel strapping is the oldest type of strapping and is still commonly used today, this goes to show how effective it is as it’s not yet been replaced with an upgraded material.

Steel strapping enjoys almost no elongation and is ideal to be used with loads that need to be secured without the risk of movement. This material is often used in the construction industry to secure heavy duty loads such as bricks.

Steel strapping has a high UV resistance and does not corrode in sunlight, this is ideal for goods that are being stored outdoors.

Steel strapping is the most popular material to secure loads which have sharp angles as steel has a high tensile strength. Other types of strapping and strapping accessories we provide at low-cost wholesale prices include; woven polyester strapping and polypropylene strapping tools.

Steel Strapping Dispensers

Using a steel strapping trolley or dispenser is a great way to organise your packaging strategy. Each dispenser comes with a handy tool tray to keep all your strapping accessories close to hand.

  • A strapping dispenser avoids the frustration of untangling coiled strapping and limits health and safety risks caused by loose strapping.
  • Using a steel strapping dispenser improves the efficiency of strapping and increases productivity.
  • Our steel strapping dispenser has heavy duty rubber wheels for durability and easy mobility of steel strapping and banding in your warehouse.



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