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Strapping Tools & Accessories

Strapping Tools & Accessories

Protecting your pallets with strapping is one of the safest and most sensible practices in the packaging industry. Without quality strapping your containers may struggle to be contained properly and reduce product and employee safety.

Ferrari Packaging supply a wide range of strapping products. From corded polyester strapping, to strapping kits UK, to steel strapping supplies, we have it all. Browse our full range of strapping products today.

What Does Strapping Do?

Strapping is worldwide in the packaging industry, securing everything from packaging to pallets. Strapping will make your employees life 10x easier as it is beneficial in a number of ways. Strapping can be used bundling items together which makes handling much easier, it can also be used for; attaching items to pallets and crates, strengthening cartons and boxes and securing goods together.

At Ferrari Packaging we offer all the strapping tools and accessories you need for strapping. We also can provide your business with strapping kits and machinery no matter how large or small your business is.

Wholesale Strapping kits

Looking for a new strapping supplier? At Ferrari Packaging our team has over 50 years’ experience in packaging supplies. If your business is new to packaging industry, your business should consider purchasing one of our strapping kits.

Each of our strapping kits contains all the strapping tools your business will need to get your business going. These kits include strapping, a tensioner tool and a sealer tool, seals, and with some options - a mobile strapping trolley.

Steel strapping

At Ferrari Packaging we provide high quality steel strapping for businesses that need to secure sharp edged, heavy loads. Steel strapping is one of the most used strapping solutions, this would be the favoured strapping material for most industries, especially in construction and building.

Polypropylene strapping

Another popular method of strapping that we provide is Polypropylene strapping. This type of strapping is most effective when used for light to medium duty bundling and palletising. Polypropylene strapping can be applied onto either cardboard or plastic cores. A cost effective plastic strapping solution, is our Ferrari Packaging polypropylene strapping.

Polyester strapping

Looking for an alternative to steel strapping? We suggest our Ferrari packaging polyester strapping. Polyester strapping can be used to strap in brick, lumber and textile. Our Ferrari Packaging, Polyester Strapping, will endure higher tension and is much more effective than a plastic strapping solution.


Strapping tools

Once you have the right strapping strategy in place and your business is using either, polyester, polypropylene or steel strapping we can supply your business with the correct tools.

If your business is using the correct tools when applying strapping it will save your employees time and make your business much more productive. Our Ferrari packaging tools and accessories are more not only easy to use, but are suitable for light to heavy duty packaging. Make your business more efficient with faster strapping. We supply everything you need at Ferrari Packaging including:

We would be more than happy to your business with strapping, strapping tools and strapping accessories. One of expert packaging teams members can help you today. Contact us now.

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