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Strapping Machines

Benefits of semi-automatic strapping machines

  •  Automatic power off
  • Quick start-up
  • Easy load dispenser design
  • Offers great value for shipping and packaging needs 
  • Decreases packaging time and increases productivity
  • Reduces costly packaging supplies and materials
  • Packages boxes in a fast, efficient, secure manner

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Product name Code
Semi Automatic Stretch Wrap Machines 61-TP202CE

Semi-Automatic Strapping Machine

Strapping is a major factor to any companies packaging strategy. But finding the right machinery to apply this vital product can be difficult. Here at Ferrari Packaging we specialise in wholesale strapping and strapping machinery.

Strapping machines tend to be used in companies that incorporate a large volume of strapping using polyester and polypropylene as their speed allow for increased productivity. For companies that need to strap heavy duty items with sharp angles, we recommend our steel strapping supplies.Most strapping machines come on wheels making them fully portable. With semi-automatic machines, the operator must feed the strap through the machine guide and over the package to create a join. Once one package is complete, the semi-automatic machine will continue to dispense strapping at the same length. 

This TP202 semi-automatic model is a fully portable strapping machine which dispenses, tightens and seals polypropylene strapping around packages and bundles. The machine automatically tensions strap and joins the ends with a secure heat weld. The motor automatically switches off when not in use and restarts immediately when a strap is inserted.

  • RoHS compliant and supplied ready to go with 12mm strapping
  • Twelve months return to base warranty, parts and labour.
  • Machine is supplied set for and fitted with 12mm strapping but is adjustable for strap width from 6mm to 15.5mm and can operate at up to 24 cycles per minute
  • Easily operated controls including manual tension adjustment
  • On adjustable legs with braked castors that can give a table height from 760mm to 930mm
  • Dimensions W902mm x D586mm x H760mm, weight 85kgs

Reduced costs

Compared to other strapping machines this models uses less moving parts therefore has reduced maintenance and the costs associated with it. Costs will also be reduced thanks as you won’t waste any materials which can happen during traditional strapping. 

Tension control

The machine has an electronic panel at the front meaning tension can be adjusted by the operator. The machine has a patent, modular design that ensures the resistant-free tensioning.


This machine is lightweight and can be transported with ease throughout your warehouse.  It does not take up a lot of room and can be easily installed with minimal disruption.

Adjustable height

The table height is adjustable so perfect for different operators to use. If adjusted to the correct height the operator will not experience discomfort of become tired when strapping.

What strapping works with this machine?

If you are interested in the TP202Semi Auto Strapping Machine offered by Ferrari Packaging then you will also need polypropylene strapping.

  • Polypropylene hand strapping is the economical way to secure parcels, bundles and light pallets.
  • It is naturally very flexible and is able mould to contours of unconventional or shaped packages.
  • Polypropylene offers excellent corrosion resistance.

If you are ready to increase your efficiency, lower you costs, and improve the packaging of your products and goods, then the pallet strapping supplies offered by Ferrari Packaging are the ideal solution for your needs. Contact us today to learn more about our Strapping Machines and how to get the TP502 Semi Auto Strapping Machine that offers the latest technology in strapping and packaging.

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