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Tablet Protectors

Benefits of AirPack Tablet and IPad Bags

  • Protects fragile items
  • 100% recyclable
  • Cushions electronic items in transit
  • Wholesale low cost
  • Inflates in 1-3 seconds

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AirPack Tablet & iPad Bags SP-52

How does AirPack Tablet and IPad Bags Work?

AirPack Systems packaging is made from a formula of synthetic film using the most advanced manufacturing processes available - which together produce the highest quality protective packaging of this type available on the market.

AirPack has revolutionized the way fragile items are packaged and protected. This is thanks to their unique inflation technique which offers superior protection to your goods in storage and in transit.

Rather than coming pre-inflated, AirPack bags are placed over your fragile item and inflated via a series of one-way valves into independent chambers. This method means the inflated chambers are moulded perfectly to the contours of your items, reducing shock during shipping.

What’s more, as the chambers are inflated individually, if one is to sustain damage and burst, the rest will remain intact and continue to protect your items. The subsequent shocks of transit will be dispersed equally through the remaining chambers.

AirPack is Simple

The traditional air compressor used to fill AirPack’s packaging is extremely easy to operate and no specialist equipment is required, simply use an inflatable packaging machine supplied at an economical price by Ferrari Packaging.

  1. Insert the item into the AirPack.
  2. Inflate the AirPack using a standard pin air pump.
  3. Pop the AirPack into your outer postage box ready for shipping.

Environmentally Friendly Protective Packaging for Fragile Items

Today sustainability is becoming more important, and for those who are looking to reduce their carbon footprint will be happy to know that AirPack packaging is 100% recyclable and reusable. Did you know that today, 83% of consumers worldwide say that it is important for businesses to make efforts towards sustainability?

Traditional packaging products such as polystyrene balls are damaging to the earth; they leach toxins into the environment and require petroleum to produce. By investing in sustainable options that can be reused and recycled you will help undo years of damage the planet has undergone.

Polystyrene and pulp packaging materials have other drawbacks too, they take up a lot of room in your warehouse – unlike AirPack which is delivered flat an inflated on site. This means you can purchase bulk amounts from Ferrari Packaging, without taking up lots of space in the stockroom, to use when needed.

Shipping Tips and Tricks

  • Choose a high-quality box, ideally a new one. We recommend our double wall cardboard boxes which provide two layers of corrugated protection. If you reuse a box, make sure it isn’t dented or creased, as these areas will be weak.
  • Wrap items individually with an AirPack bag and place them in the box away from the edges.
  • Protect goods from humidity or dampness with AirPack, which resists both these damaging factors.
  • Seal boxes using vinyl packaging tape across all seams and openings. Using a domestic grade tape may result in adhesion being lost and the package opening.
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