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Tissue Paper

White acid-free sheets provide surface protection for delicate products, which require a PH neutral wrapping including clothing, metals, china and glassware.

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Acid Free Tissue Paper (500 x 750mm) 22-78

Tissue Paper Packaging Supplies


Ferrari Packaging are specialists in wholesale packaging supplies and we have sold quality tissue paper to businesses across the UK for many years. We are a Glasgow based company who deliver throughout the UK to bring cost effective packaging solutions to your business.

Tissue paper is often a simple alternative to bubble wrap or gift wrap for small products that are not easily damaged. There are so many uses for tissue paper and it can be reused time after time. Ripped unused tissue paper can be used to fill boxes to protect excess stock.

Tissue paper also makes an excellent gift wrapping option for the perfect demure gift.  Make that extra effort with your customers using tissue paper to make your items that little bit more special.

Looking for a more substantial packaging paper? We stock different packaging papers to suit your business needs. We have many years’ experience working with packing paper and no matter the application for your packing paper; you will find a suitable paper in our range.

Is your business looking for tissue paper for packing? Ferrari Packaging's range of packing papers includes corrugated paper, cross weave lining material, news print paper and acid-free tissue paper.


Ferrari Packaging Tissue Paper


Using packaging paper is a great way to secure your contents which can prevent costly damages. As one of the biggest packaging suppliers in the UK, we specialise in bulk orders.

Ferrari Packaging tissue paper for packing is white acid-free sheets. They provide excelled surface protection for delicate products. We suggest that any business using tissue paper should use a PH neutral wrapping for items that include: clothing, metals, china and glassware.

Tissue paper is a wonder option for packaging jewellery and are a great solution for e-commerce packaging.


  • Perfect for wrapping delicate items
  • Prevents items tarnishing


Paper Packaging


No matter what your business supplies, from clothing to jewellery it is best practice to use a second layer of packaging as another dimension of protection.  If you are already using cardboard boxes and wholesale bubble wrap to protect goods in transit, it could be a good idea to add another layer of packaging paper to fill spacious voids between double wall cardboard boxes.

On the other hand, excess packaging may not be needed and you could reduce the size of your packages by using tissue paper and postal bags. Customers are becoming more conscious about packaging waste and paper based packaging is a great solution for those companies wanting to reduce their carbon footprint as these products are fully recyclable.


It is true that the packaging your business uses is s a representation of your brand.  There is truth behind the phrase “judging a book by its cover” therefore investing in packaging that protects your goods and will impact positively on the way customers see your brand.

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