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Boxes For Shipping & Storage

Shop our range of cartons and boxes for transit, shipping and storage.

The comprehensive range includes single wall, double wall, book/CD wraps, BDCM boxes and archive boxes for a full range of packaging applications.

The single and double wall boxes as well as the book/CD wraps and BDCM boxes are ideal for use when shipping your products. 

Archive boxes are ideal for placing files, documents and paperwork in storage and can hold up to 12kg in weight. 

Available in both single wall and double wall, the corrugated layer pads can be used for interleaving and pallet protection when goods are in transit.

Boxes For Shipping & Storage

Packaging Solutions from Ferrari Packaging

Here at Ferrari Packaging we can supply archive cardboard boxes throughout Scotland to ensure your packaging needs are met.  Investing in quality materials will ensure the safety of your products and we only provide the best, industry standard packaging supplies. Using the correct packaging increases the safety of your items in transit and reduces the likelihood of damage which can lead to costly replacement claims.

Archive Boxes

Our archive boxes allow your documents to be secured and stored safely. They are heavy duty so will not split over time, in fact our industrial archive boxes can hold up to 12kg of weight. You know when you buy archive boxes from Ferrari you are purchasing a product that will store your important documents safely until they need retrieved.

BDCM Cardboard Boxes

Bulk Distribution Cartons Metric (BDCM) are the standard packaging boxes that are used in the retail, catalogue and clothing industry. Many companies will not accept other types of cardboard delivery boxes. Each box is marked with the required industry standard blue text as an assurance this packaging material will be accepted by retailers.

Books/CD Wraps

With the rise of e-commerce more and more smaller items are being shipped through the mail. This growing trend has meant there must be a change in the way goods are packaged to accommodate the increase of different sized parcels. Ferrari Packaging stock double walled cardboard book and CD wraps, which are perfect for medium sized goods. They are perfectly protected thanks to the cushioning air columns the corrugated paper layer gives this packaging material.

Corrugated Layer Pads

When packaging your goods, it’s vital there are extra layers of cushioning within the packaging and not only the outer layer of the protective double or single walled cardboard box. Corrugated paper layers reduce the amount of shock the package undergoes when in transit as the paper layers absorb the vibrations created by the road. These items come in A4, A3 sizes and single or double wall construction.

Sustainable Packaging Methods

Today, sustainability is an extremely important issue. All our cardboard packaging materials can be widely recycled or are made from part recycled objects. This is great for the company who is looking to reduce their carbon footprint. The EU has ambitious goals in place to reduce packaging waste by 75% by 2030, by investing in recyclable materials you can help towards achieving these objectives.

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